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    Exclamation LaughUSA ... "family comedy"?

    Not sure there's any point to posting here since this forum is as dead as a coffin nail, but...

    I was listening to LaughUSA (channel 96) on September 28, 2011 at around 2:50 PM EST, and they were broadcasting Jackie Martling. I was surprised to hear him and at first I thought "He must have a few clean jokes...?"

    But no. The jokes were typical Martling, full of cursing and everything else. I am not complaining about his material (I love blue humor), but I what I don't like is not being able to trust what content will be broadcast.

    I was picking up my 8-year-old daughter from school at the time, and I'm glad she didn't hear it. I did not hear what preceded or followed Martling's material. It was either a fluke, an intentional act by a disgruntled (or idiotic) employee, or a format change.

    Yes, I really did have it on 96. I quadruple-checked that it was 96/LaughUSA, and even flipped to RawDog and back. It was 96.

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    Did you make mention to Sirius XM? It was actually 2:54 PM EST that Jackie Martling was on. There is record of it. I am sure it was a fluke and if you wrote Sirius XM they would pull it from the rotation.
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    I did write to them, but I got only a canned reply.

    Is the record of this publicly/easily accessible?

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    A lot of the newer comedians are borderline raunchy. I wish Sirius had a "classic comedy" channel that played all the comedy albums from the 50s, 60s and 70s, like Alan King, Bill Cosby, Jose Jiminez, Bob Newhart, Jackie Mason, Allan Sherman, Stan Freberg, the Smothers Brothers, etc.