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    09-21-2011, 04:55 PM #51
    I gotta run Lloyd. Won't be back for quite a while unless something loosens up. Will spend early next week in CA calling on several of my solar accounts.

    I look forward to your assessment of all the various articles posted here today. You should have plenty of time to consider them all.

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    Come on be honest. How much did you care when we lost trillions under Bush? Diid you post once anywhere? I call that hypocrisy at its worst.

    One more chance for you to acknowledge that your mentor Peter Schiff had gotten MANY of
    HiS predictions wrong?

    Ah the guy who has no integrity is trying to PREACH to others. You are a silly ole fool and dumbass to boot.

    And you are a COWARD for not taking my bet. Squawk like the chicken you are. Lmfao
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    09-21-2011, 05:23 PM #53
    I will be awaiting your return. lol
    Make sure you bring my peter schiff posted reading material on your trip.
    Yep thats right. Cry yourself to sleep over your bad judgement in choosing Peter Schiff
    for a financial advisor. LOL.

    Going to take me up on that bet huh? lmfao.
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    [QUOTE=SiriuslyLong;71037]I have no phobia. In fact my wife and I discussed playing this game the way you do.[/QUOTE

    Damn, you mean your actually going to come clean and stop cheating on your taxes and hire an accountant. After all the times you made fun of me for having one. That just dont sound like you.
    Your sure your ok? Fever? You detest accountants, remember?
    I mean maybe i should ask you RIGHT now to admit that Peter Schiff got many of his predictions wrong. I detect a weakening of your belief in the delusional world you inhabit.
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    You got 3 months left till Schiff is proved wrong on 2 more of his predictions.
    1. hyperinflation in the U.S. in 2011
    2. interest rates in the U.S. rising to 6% on 10 year notes.


    Then we move on to his prediction that the Dow will drop to 1,400 or gold will soar to $12,000 in thenext 2 to 3 years.

    You should also be careful about pumping gold. You might be right about $2,000 eventually but right now its heading back down. Soros took the conservative path and locked in all his profits recently.
    Thats something to consider when it goes up again. He might have missed out on some of the upside but he will probably sleep better.
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    it seems to me that the main issues with Peter Schiff's predictions mentioned are easily explained by the actions of the Fed and the Federal Government forestalling the inevitable. They expanded available spending power first by making large amounts of credit so easy to get that a caveman could do it, and now by simply printing money. This just raises prices while wages lag or languish (inflation). Peter's problem was timing. The only way to get that right is to be an insider and know what the Fed and Regulators and President are doing behind closed doors. Hyperinflation is coming, we just can't predict when without knowing what is going on now not only in our government, but in significant economic player governments around the world. It is unavoidable.

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