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    My Starmate 5's 'Mind of Its Own'

    My Starmate 5 receiver changes channels and sets the presets all by itself. Crazy -- especially while driving. Anyone have this problem and know what to do about it?

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    Sounds like the buttons might be sticking? Does it always change to the same channel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    Sounds like the buttons might be sticking? Does it always change to the same channel?
    Mine is doing the same thing. It seems to bounce back to the previous channel I was listening to before changing. When I push the up arrow button to go up one channel, the screen says "Preset Saved." The down arrow button doesn't work at all. Any suggestions?

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    my buttons are now sticking too. this is my THIRD starmate with the same problem! what's up with this sirius?

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    This just happened to me this weekend with my Starmate 5. Narrowed it down to where it seemed like my #1 preset button was sticking. Actually fixed it pretty easily, and I don't consider myself handy.
    1. Undid the two screws on the back and separated the case. Don't worry, there's not lots of stuff that will fall out, just the rubber buttons but they go right back in.
    2. On the electronics side I peeled up the first layer of plastic with embedded metal contacts where the #1 preset button should be very carefully with my big, clumsy fingers.
    3. Cleaned between the metal contact points at that spot by blowing on the area and wiping it with a clean cloth just to make sure there was no dust or anything causing the connection to stick.
    4. The face plate will operate open like this so I kept it mounted on my sirius boom box to test it even though it was open and I couldn't actually see the buttons.

    That was it. Whether some debris had been there or the two contact points were just stuck together I don't know. But everything's working like normal again. Took me ten minutes tops, mostly just getting the screws out, once I screwed up the courage to try it. I'm sure this all voids warranties or whatever, but mine was past that anyhow. Again, I'm just a normal clumsy guy, not a mechanic or electrician or anything.