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    Cramer thinks the merger is done

    Martin said critics are responding to his push to address many controversial issues during his tenure. He said he is more concerned with addressing public safety and consumer needs than with doctrinaire chest-thumping.

    Martin cited a deal he brokered between the satellite radio operators XM and Sirius as proof of his service to consumers. He got the two companies to agree to a list of conditions that would keep prices from rising and create opportunities for minorities in exchange for his blessing on their creation of a monopoly

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    I said this regarding the buzz this morning regarding a reporters use of the phrase "merged".

    Still, Sirius's investment in Stern was a wise one, he says. The star brought the fledgling company significant notoriety and can be expected to build a more solid audience given time now that Sirius has merged with rival XM.

    I don't think we should read into these comments so much. When we get official word it will be via press release, it will be headline news. Everyone is so over anxious and on pins and needles we are grasping as straws here. Do you really think a decision this big in the spotlight is going to broken by John Journalism over there at the post using a Martin quote?

    Yes Martin brokered a deal in the consumers favor, and submitted his approval of it publically. However, his accomplishment is still subject to the scrutiny of other parties. That part is out of his hands, and that's how I understood the article.

    That being said, I am optomistic and convinced that this really is end of the line for this whole fiasco. As Crfceo has pointed out, meetings have died down, last ditch arguments seem to be pouring in, and people appear to be tieing up all the lose ends (Ibiquity's recent filing). And clearly there has been a change in sentiment with the stock which has been doing nicely over the past three days and off sharply from its Wienkes lows.

    Tomorrow is another day...