Tyler, I pretty much stole all of your talking points you listed, but I figure that is what you put them there for right? Anyways, here is my Response to Comment that I filed with the FCC:


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in response to the so-called “consumer group” Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio (known as C3SR). The group states that it is a consumer group consisting of Sirius and XM subscribers and “-the only consumer group in existence today solely dedicated to advocating on behalf of satellite radio subscribers- ”. I would like to officially go on record stating that this “consumer group” does not represent my views, and according to the FCC comments page regarding the merger, it also ignores the views of 3500+ other subscribers as well. I have a hard time believing what the C3SR claims for the following reasons:
• The C3SR sponsored a study published by J. Gregory Sidak to evaluate the impact of the merger on the consumer. I personally feel that any study that is paid for is inherently biased because you get what you pay for. If you pay for an “anti-merger” study, you will receive a study suited to your cause.
• The C3SR has publicly stated that it is sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters. This can be found on page 3, footnote 3 of the Sidak Study.
• The group claims advocacy for XM and Sirius subscribers, yet refuses to post any positive merger news or blog comments on its website.
• The group claims advocacy for XM and Sirius subscribers, yet there has never been any offered a poll on their website or anywhere else to determine what the interests of their members actually were.
• The group claims advocacy for XM and Sirius subscribers, yet the group has yet to divulge a roster of membership or even an estimated number of subscribers that it officially represents.
• The C3SR’s founding member is Chris Reale. Chris Reale is an employee of William Mullens Strategies, which handles lobbying for the William Mullen Law Firm. The attorney that is listed in all of the C3SR (which works for William Mullen Law Firm) is Julian Sheppard, who was the former NAB Assistant General Council.
In conclusion, I feel that the information, comments, and notices submitted to the FCC on behalf of the Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio (C3SR) should be disregarded based on the fact that the group is attempting to mislead, misguide, and misinform you into believing it is representing the opinions and beliefs of a large number of satellite radio subscribers, when in fact they are simply voicing their own biased opinion or perhaps that of their sponsor, the National Association of Broadcasters.

Thank you,

Brian R.