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    Post Ludwig Enterprises Announces ''The One''(TM)


    MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. (Pink Sheets:LUDW - News) Board of Directors announces its Federal (USPTO) name registration for its revolutionary new radio receiver to be called “The One”™. In conjunction with the trademark, Ludwig Enterprises has acquired the web address “The One”™ radio is currently under design and prototype construction. Initially “The One”™ radio will appear about the size of an iPod™ (NasdaqGS: APPL - News). “The One”™ will be different from an iPod™ in that it will receive digital wireless transmitted signals utilizing Ludwig’s proprietary technology. The radio is being designed to receive (50) fifty new digital quality signals not currently available on existing radios. The content will be subscription based similar to Xm Radio™ (NasdaqGS: XMSR - News) and Sirius Radio™ (NasdaqGS: SIRI - News) however most of these new channels will be targeted to un-served or under-served ethnic language markets.

    Other non-traditional groups will also have access on this revolutionary new platform. Discussions are in progress with content providers to program channels for opera, education, meditation, techno-music, old-time radio shows, news without commentary and more.

    Ludwig’s model is designed to provide specialized programming content not just to one local area but also over its network to fifty (50) geographical markets. Through utilization of “Geographical Distribution” no one market has to have a large number of subscribers listening to what many would describe as specialized programming. The cost of programming can be spread over all fifty (50) markets to make specialized programs available to targeted small but valuable groups of listeners in what Ludwig believes to be in the public interest.

    ABOUT LUDWIG ENTERPRISES, INC. – Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., (LUDW), is a Nevada based technology company with regional offices in Miami, Florida. LUDW has acquired various licenses and rights for revolutionary new methods of radio broadcasting. This technology attaches fifty new digital channels to an existing broadcast signal. This technology will allow Ludwig Enterprises to contractually acquire the right to utilize currently issued broadcast station spectrum. The company intends to deploy this technology into the fifty largest US demographic markets.

    Programming will consist of twenty-four hour a day programs in such languages as Chinese, Pakistani, Russian, Hebrew and many others. Additionally there will be a limited number of specialty channels focusing on twenty-four hour a day: old time radio programs, readings of local and national news papers (without commentary), specialty music channels including jazz and music forms not played on conventional stations and educational programming.

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    psssst Georgetown... hey... see that over there? see? gooo gettt itttt

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    Oh wait, they won't want anything to do with it. Not at least until it is established, and up and running.

    But what does this really mean for satellite radio? It's definitely another example of competition. And it's definitely serving niche markets with non-traditional programming. (meditation, readings of local papers uh oh someone call the NAB) It certainly can't hurt the progress with the merger.

    On the other hand, I'm pretty skeptical that this would work. I don't get how the technology works, are they saying this is going to run off wi-fi? And even with their fragmented 50 market approach, are they really going to lure in enough subscribers to make it worth their effort?

    I wish it had more details about when they think it will roll out, and how much it would cost.