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    Sirius $500.00 Lifetime Upgrade purchased in 2006

    Dear Sirius Buzz,
    Could someone please answer a question I have concerning a Lifetime Membership & Upgrade to Sirius purchased in 2006?
    It cost $500.00 and promised I had 3 lifetime upgrades. The Sirius Sportster "Replay" that originally came with the original purchase still works and has been a great companion over the hundreds of thousands of miles spent in my big rig. I've had to buy and install 5 new antenna's at Radio Shack but the unit still works!
    My wife and I are going to retire soon, and I'd like to take advantage of that upgrade feature! No biggie, I figure if I could just upgrade from the original Sportster "Replay" to a newer technology edition that would be great - I'd also want to buy a unit for in the house with speakers so I could bring in the unit at the end of the day and play my music over the in-house unit. (I figure my $500.00 should be worth something!)
    But when I go to Sirius XM to sign up - I'm told it doesn't recognize my ESN or SID numbers and once it said those numbers were already used???
    I've also heard the horror stories that "Lifetime Upgrades" aren't being "honored" and that SiriusXM is saying the "lifetime" only meant the lifetime of the unit. Well, if it's true that SiriusXM isn't honoring my paid for upgrades, all I need is the name of the person in the Sirius Accounting department who will be sending me my $500.00 plus interest back!! That wasn't a $500 gift that I gave them!
    I'd appreciate any help and information you can give me. I'll use my Sportster for as long as I can - Sirius music is the best!

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    You are allowed 3 "transfers" over a lifetime subscription. All you have to do is call and tell them you want to move your sub to a new unit.

    They often times charge a $75 transfer fee but, if you tell them you are transferring because of a hardware failure, they often wave that fee.
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