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    07-03-2016, 04:51 AM #241
    This is an extraordinary artist whose powerful performances also contain nuance and wisps of echoes past within her own unique and incredible style. There is no one like her.

    Beth Hart

    Caught Out In The Rain

    ‪Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

    Your Heart Is As Black As Night‬


    Beth Hart (1/17/17 link repaired)

    I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

    ‪Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa (1/13/20 link repaired)

    I'll Take Care of You‬ (also done by Gil Scott-Heron here)

    Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

    I'd Rather Go Blind‬ (also done by Diane Blue/Morblus here 1/17/17 link repaired)

    ‪Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa (1/13/20 link repaired)

    Close To My Fire‬

    Beth Hart

    Leave The Light On‬ (the lyrics...the lyrics...)

    ‪Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa (1/13/20 link repaired)

    Sinner's Prayer

    Beth Hart

    Am I The One (a very intimate performance)

    ‪Beth Hart (her music/lyrics/presence/attitude are phenomenal...and that is a common reaction from those who discover her. I thought I could never be truly amazed anymore by anything in the music business. I was wrong)

    Learning To Live‬


    I am unable to resist her music.

    Beth Hart (1/13/20 link repaired)

    Love Is The Baddest Blues


    Beth Hart (5/25/18 link repaired)

    There In Your Heart (simply beautiful...and emotionally wrenching)



    Beth Hart (1/17/17 link repaired)

    Somethings Got A Hold On Me


    What Beth Hart can do with a lyric is phenomenal.

    Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

    Ain't No Way


    There are some songs I never tire of. The Thrill Is Gone is one. Here is Joe Bonamassa, acknowledged as one of the best guitarists playing today, doing a version.

    Joe Bonamassa

    The Thrill Is Gone


    Joe Bonamassa



    Joe Bonamassa

    Happier Times


    Joe Bonamassa

    Sloe Gin


    Joe Bonamassa

    Never Make Your Move Too Soon (ain't that the truth) This tempo is a favorite.


    This tune, made popular by Albert King, appears here by a number of artists because it's so good. Reading comments someone says that Joe is playing one of Albert King's guitars; because King was left-handed Joe has to use the instrument upside-down. Something special about that bit of information.

    Joe Bonamassa

    I'll Play The Blues For You
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    11-24-2016, 07:05 PM #242
    This band says it plays music for your brain and your booty. I checked. It's true. Now, for your thinking and dancing pleasure here's...

    Snarky Puppy

    Young Stuff






    Sleeper (8/6/20 link repaired)


    This is another version I found that is so unique I've posted it as well.


    As has been previously mentioned an orchestra can add, if done right, a pleasing texture and richness to a group that plays a different sound. This is another example.

    The Curtain


    Gretel (lovely haunting melody)


    Cory Henry, the phenomenal organ player of Snarky Puppy has his own group, The Funk Apostles. This selection, his version of Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On, contains inspired creativity, exquisite intricacy, addicting rhythm, and beauty all delivered with verve.

    It's a powerful example of why jazz is not just inventive but exciting, too.

    Cory Henry

    What's Goin' On (7/12/17 found my original choice and reposted it)


    As I have said here, my main intention is to present artists that may not be well known. This amazing, yes amazing group of musicians, ranks as one of the best finds of my career. lol

    This piece is a new, I assume, composition by Jacob Collier, with Big Ed Lee on tuba. This is a quirky, passionate, lovely, and driving melody and performance that qualifies for another adjective - exceptional.

    If you like the "Puppy" don't miss this. Watch the audience and the other musicians. It's a party, y'all.

    Snarky Puppy

    Jacob Collier and Big Ed Lee

    Don't You Know

    (the comments are interesting and funny)


    Snarky Puppy / Magda Giannikou

    Amour T'es La
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    02-27-2017, 01:14 PM #243
    What started out as adding a few tunes in different places along the way from a newly-found band has morphed into a large number of posts showcasing them because they are very good. Over time they added great singers which made them even more enjoyable. It is now appropriate to promote their music by focusing on them in one space. Based on my research there will be more exceptional music in the future from...

    Morblus A great band from Verona, Italy.

    I'll Play The Blues For You


    Diane Blue is a wonderful talent. She appears here in a small club in Germany, with Morblus.

    Diane Blue

    I’d Rather Go Blind (5/25/18 link repaired)

    And... at an outdoor venue in Europe (4/10/17 link repaired)

    I'm Tore Down


    Morblus with Friends

    Prison Of Love


    Morblus with Diane Blue

    Muddy Water


    Morblus is led by Roberto Morbioli.

    In addition to the great Diane Blue above they appear with many other female blues singers. This appearance showcases Justina Lee Brown, who provides her lyrics with exceptional power and feeling. There are many other videos of her on YT that show even more that she is a major talent in music today anywhere.

    Daniele Scala, on the Hammond, is tops and shows why beginning at 4:20.

    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Ain't No Sunshine

    This is a GREAT tune made popular by Bobby "Blue" Bland. Check it out.

    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Further On Up The Road


    More sizzlin' hot Justina Lee Brown.

    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    I Just Wanna Make Love To You


    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Chain Of Fools


    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Rock Me Baby


    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Damn Your Eyes


    Morblus with Justina Lee Brown

    Lie To Me (perfect)
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    06-09-2017, 05:09 PM #244
    Continual research sometimes uncovers additional great music and can result in a desire to enlarge (and maybe move) an artist's selections from a different page (22 in this case) to their own as done with Morblus.

    Tedeschi and Trucks individual bands were replaced with a new one (plus they got married) and it is now considered by many to be one of the best. There are some great Derek and the Dominos covers here.


    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Midnight In Harlem (beautiful) (4/21/18 link repaired)


    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Love Has Something Else To Say


    And Royal Albert Hall no less! This is more than impressive, and another example of why I consider blues some of the best music there is.

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    The Sky Is Crying


    There is an appreciative audience of "colleagues" here behind the scenes.

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Any Day


    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Anyhow (another rare "damn!" song) (studio) (studio live) (concert)


    Derek Trucks has a background playing many different types of music as a former member of the Allman Bros Band and then on his own before starting TTB with Susan Tedeschi. This selection combines styles and shows how this group can do anything at the highest level.

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Let Me Get By


    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    It's So Heavy


    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Keep On Growing
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    02-04-2018, 03:52 PM #245
    Individual countries have distinctive instruments that make interesting and frequently beautiful sounds.There are even machines, real or imagined, that contribute their “music.”

    I tried to use only actual ethnic videos but visual and/or sound quality did not always make that possible.

    Here are some great examples.

    Marble Music

    Hang Drum In A Tunnel

    Some “pinball-style” music

    A Theremin, something very unique

    Japanese Taiko Drum Group Yamato


    if you want drama, fun and musical virtuosity try this...


    Indonesian Gamelan from UNT

    Extempo Steel Band (beautiful and emotional)
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    This thread seems to be the most logical place to post the video of the Grand Rapids LipDub, an amazing (and horribly-named) ten-minute live performance of Don McLean's American Pie by an unseen singer/guitarist who travels through the city while various groups of people lip-sync. Among them are dancers, cheerleaders, firefighters, police officers and a marching band and others. The entire video was shot in a single take. YouTube also has a "making-of" video that shows all the planning, rehearsals and effort that went into the Grand Rapids LipDub. The video was produced to promote tourism. I don't know if the video attracted visitors to Grand Rapids but it certainly is fun to watch:

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    06-29-2018, 10:20 PM #247
    I came across this group on PBS. That appearance had two violinists, a drummer and a DJ. Their musical influences are diverse so there is nothing quite like them.

    Black Violin

    We Dem Boyz

    I don't usually add videos of a group's background but because of their stated focus on helping promote youth enrichment through music I feel it's important.

    Breaking Your Musical Stereotypes





    End of The World

    And, selections from others to show the beauty and versatility of the violin...

    an Eddie Harris song (showcased in this thread) by....

    Regina Carter

    Listen Here


    Black Orpheus

    A very beautiful song made famous by Roberta Flack...

    James Sanders & Conjunto

    Killing Me Softly

    Jean-Luc Ponty


    Another lovely stringed instrument.

    Lori Andrews

    Take Me There

    Alice Coltrane

    A Harp Solo
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    08-14-2018, 07:02 PM #248
    The search for interesting, beautiful and complex music will never end.

    Gregory Porter

    It's Probably Me

    Gregory Porter

    Holdin' On


    From an appearance in Germany...a lovely, emotional song.

    Gregory Porter

    Don't Be A Fool

    Candy Dulfer

    Jan Van Duikeren (flugelhorn) An instrument not heard often

    Strasbourg St Denis

    Reading the comments below Candy Dulfer's version I decided to listen to Roy Hargrove's especially since he wrote it. As with most things, especially music, opinions can vary widely. Yes, Dulfer's is softer but the flugelhorn player adds much. Hargrove's is clearly more complex, more textured. Both are great.

    Roy Hargrove

    Strasbourg St Denis (1/24/20 link repaired - YES, it's back)


    Another stellar performance by Roy Hargrove in lovely Newport's Jazz Festival.

    Roy Hargrove

    Mister Magic


    A lovely tune, Never Let Me Go.

    Roy Hargrove


    Candy Dulfer

    Don't Go (a beautiful, emotional, plaintive song...damn!)


    Candy Dulfer

    Lily Was Here (another "damn" song! - that's why it's here)


    Ms. Dulfer, is a Dutch-British jazz and pop saxophonist. Her band, Funky Stuff, with many members who played with Prince, lives up to its name here. This selection, made popular years ago by the Average White Band, has enough energy to get a small plane into the air.

    Candy Dulfer

    Pick Up The Pieces (part 1)

    Pick Up The Pieces (part 2)


    Candy Dulfer

    Daylight (the co-writer of this song, Harold Payne, comments below the video. Nice)

    Now, get ready for (another) takeoff.

    Seun Kuti & Cheick Tidiane Seck

    Opposite People
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    09-28-2019, 05:47 PM #249
    Here are some cool and hot sounds for the changing seasons.

    George Duke


    George Duke

    It's On

    Marcus Miller, David Sanborn & George Duke

    Run For Cover

    George Duke

    Guess You're Not The One

    Randy Crawford & Joe Sample

    Rio De Janeiro Blue

    Bill Evans (This can, if you let it, inhabit every part of you.)

    Never Let Me Go

    Oliver Nelson Septet

    Stolen Moments

    Hiromi Uehara

    Dancando no Paraiso

    Quincy Jones

    Killer Joe

    Brian Culbertson

    On My Mind


    Brian Culbertson

    Back In The Day/So Good (smooth jazz with an attitude)


    Brian Culbertson


    Robert Glasper

    So Beautiful

    John McLaughlin (He is elsewhere on this thread with Joe Zawinul.)

    My Favorite Things/Stella By Starlight

    Jesse Cook


    Ry Cooder & V.M.Bhatt

    Ganges Delta Blues



    Alvin Lee

    The Bluest Blues


    "Brother" Jack McDuff

    Jive Samba


    This tune is so smooth, so sensual, with a tempo so seductive that I've decided to showcase more than one example.

    One of the best jazz ensembles ever, playing a classic. I leave it to you to interpret the title.

    The Jazz Crusaders

    Put It Where You Want It


    Al Jarreau

    Put It Where You Want It (As usual, lyrics are in his G-rated style but the arrangement is SUPERB. Repeated here from a page 17 post dedicated to Jarreau.)


    Here is Eric Clapton. Steve Gadd, Joe Sample, David Sanborn, and Marcus Miller showing they have paid attention to the requirements.

    Put It Where You Want It
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    I live in Glendale, California, Teri lived in Bellingham, Washington. One day in 1998, we met online in a Christian singles chat room. We both believed we were the answer to each other's prayer for someone to love. We married just two days after meeting in person. We were together for 21 years and seven months. We attended hundreds of plays, movies, concerts and baseball games and we enjoyed vacations in Arizona, Washington, Canada, Walt Disney World and elsewhere. Teri recently suffered a stroke, followed by a mild seizure. After being hospitalized for five weeks, she was able to come home April 3. On April 6, she died of congestive heart failure. I miss you, Teri. I will always love you. Always.

    Teri Lynn Thompson, July 6 1962 – April 6 2020.
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