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    $500 Stiletto 100 now useless...thank's sirius

    This is my experience with a Stiletto 100 after 1 1/2 years......

    Was getting really bad reception....1 bar no matter what antenna was used....after speaking to sirus support it was determined there was a problem with the stiletto. Ok so lets get it fixed....yah right......

    Since the stiletto was over 1 year warranty period......sirius canada's answer was.....BUY A NEW RADIO....that's right people....sirius has no replacement or repair option for a stiletto after the 1 year warranty period. They could not even tell me a 3rd party company that fixes them. What kind of ******** service is that. All that someone would do is give me 50% off a plug and play radio (starmate...sportster....)

    So be warned....spend $400 dollars for a stiletto, home kit......and if it are screwed....

    Thanks sirius canada for your excellent repair/warranty strategy....

    I think i will go back to my COMMERCIAL FREE IPOD....

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I understand your frustration, but a one year warranty is just that. It's not uncommon, and they're not the only company would offer that kind of service plan on their product. You had 365 opportunities to speak up and get the problem corrected according to the terms of the warranty agreement. Try taking your iPod back to Apple after your 1 year warranty and see what they tell you.

    They don't control if other business want to get into the satellite radio hardware repair segment. Maybe its not profitable enough because there arent enough radios out there, and the ones that are around don't break too often.

    Purchase an extended warranty on a 500 dollar piece of equipment. Lesson learned. Going back to the iPod is your choice. Do you want me to beg you to stay with Sirius or something?

    The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that if you made the purchase on your credit card, you may have automatically been covered by an extended warranty. Check your card details.

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    You can listen to Sirius online. You don't even need a stiletto. I'm sure you at least have a computer?

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    Let me start by saying that I feel your pain. That being said... this is not an issue with Sirius or the product this is an issue with all products. A coworker of mine just went down to the apple store yesterday with a broken iPod and he came back with a brand new iPod. He is not crying foul and saying that Apple sucks, it is what it is man.

    You shoot down Sirius and tell us how great your iPod is then you have the balls to ask for help? Go back to your commercialess iPod with no unique content. Then when that breaks you can go to some Apple message board and talk about how they suck.
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    what happens when the battery dies in your several hundred dollar iPod?

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    You can find closeout Stiletto 100s in the $100 range. That is probably less than it would cost to repair the old one.

    I amazed at the number of companies that market products and then either don't support or offer repair service for the products after the warranty period. That is proably beacuse they are all made by third parties in China. Fortunately, many of the parts are standard or available on ebay and I am fairly good at repairing things