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    Does the Sportser utilize the same car doc as the stratus?

    I have a Stratus 6 set up in the car with a the doc attached to a window suction cup unit. If I switch to a Sportser 5, can I just use the same doc or do I need to completely rewire?


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    According to this link yes:

    But I would verify to make sure- My Sportster 5 had to be replaced when it started losing signal and I got a replacement Starmate 5 and Best Buy said that they changed the connection plugs so I had to replace the wiring and dock station- Luckily I an on lifetime plan w/ BB warranty so they did not charge me for the swap- I actually got a gift card refund due to the cost from the sportster5-->starmate 5, I have a car,home, and boombox so they are compatible with each other- I hope that when SiriusXM comes out with 2.0 they make existing dock/boom boxes compatible!