Recently my SL-2 started acting really strange. Would go dark, and only pulling the battery out then back in would it come back to life. This worked for a few days. Then I got the message: "Error - To recover, connect to a PC via USB (you may need to run the install CD)". I have never connected the SL-2 to a computer before now.

After some online searching, I decided to try the recovery procedure. I made sure MySiriusStudio was installed from the CD, then I plugged in the Stiletto to the USB port for the first time ever. Windows(XP) seemed to recognize it - but only as a generic USB device, not as a Stiletto. So windows was not able to find a driver to go with it, and MySiriusStudio didn't see it. Any idea what may be going on here?

I've seen references to the "device recovery tool". Is this different than the firmware updater function in MySiriusStudio? The link to "device recovery procedure" in the "Stiletto 2 Help Thread" posting seems to be broken.