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    Home Docking Station

    I just bought a Stratus 6 along with a home and vehicle docking stations. I activated the radio and set it up in my car and the radio works great. When I tried to set it up with the home docking station the radio receives the signal and seems to be work as it should but I cannot hear it over the other radios I have in the house, that are tuned to the same frequency that I have the Stratus 6 tuned to. For the last five years I have had a Sportster radio and have been to hear what was on the Sirius receiver on any radio in the house. I can hear what is on the Stratus 6 on one radio but there is a lot of static and I can barely hear what is on the radio. Can you tell me why the Stratus 6 is not working as the Sportster did? When the Stratus 6 was set up in the car I was able to hear it on my walkman radio.Thanks

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    Are you using the FM transmitter? The newer transmitters are much weaker than the old ones because of some FCC ruling. I would either move the dock closer or simply hardwire it to the radio you use most. You'll wind up with better sound quality that way anyway.

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    i have the same set sounds great but now i cant get a lot of static on the home unit. tried moving it all around as far as the power cord will let me but still static. then i cup my hands aroud the reciever and dock and it comes in perfect.needless to say i can't stand in front of the unit all day .how do i solve this thank you in advance