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    Does anyone subscribe to multiple music services?

    I am wondering if any of you Sirius XM subscribers out there subscribe to any other music services. Whether internet feeds such as Slacker and Pandora or downloading services such as Rhapsody.

    I am curious if anyone is willing to spend the money and if so, why? What is Sirius XM missing?

    I do listen to Slacker on rare occasion but, I do not pay for the service.
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    I`ve subscribed to Sirius internet radio for about 4 years or more. I also subscribe to Pandora One, and napster music for unlimited music streaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djc45 View Post
    I`ve subscribed to Sirius internet radio for about 4 years or more. I also subscribe to Pandora One, and napster music for unlimited music streaming.
    And what are the pro's and con's of each? I'm an older guy. I just have sirius.

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    I've used XM for years and recently jumped to Sirius - but the entire time I have also used some of these other services. Slacker at first but for the past year I have used Pandora on my iPhone and hook that up to my car receiver.

    I mainly listen to Alt Nation and Sirius keeps it pretty recent with their tracks. On Pandora I will toss in NOFX as a station and it will play a mix of songs from 90's to now related to Punk. It is also more specific to the type of music you add in since Alt Nation is a pretty big variety.

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    Well here's my story Chuck. Seeing how when we originally signed up back in 2005 with Sirius (heavily researched the pros & cons of both XM & Sirius at that time) we went with the lifetime subscription. This sits in our living room and runs through our home entertainment center. It has more than paid for itself to this date. Then in 2008 added a sportster 4 w/boom box for jobsites, traveling, camping etc. It also was a lifetime subscription and is working great. Added a third receiver w/boom box for a cousin of mine in 2010 but cancelled it just a few weeks ago due to a divorce. Onto the "other' company, which we all know is still independent from Sirius when it comes to rates & billing. We have THREE 2009 GM vehicles and they all have XM satellite radio. One of them lifetime and the other two I annually call to negotiate extremely low renewal rates. Very pleased with all of them. Pandora free on-line when on the computer. That's about it.

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    I have Sirius for my car (lifetime sub) but in the house I have Slacker plus ($3.99 per month). you can create your own stations, pick the artists you want it to play,add news and sport reports to them. You can also cache the station on your device so you don't have to be connect to the internet to listen.

    It's nice at home I stream it thru my ipod and use an fm transmitter from ccradio to blast it all over the house.

    Unlike Sirius it doesn't time you out for inactivity so it will play all day long.