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    11-01-2022, 11:51 AM #271
    For those who watch financial markets and wonder how they work - and wonder what happens when they don't.

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    11-03-2022, 11:05 AM #272
    Many say the economy/inflation is their main concern now, and because a dem is president they blame them and will vote for a repuke. As usual, uninformed voting is destroying the country.

    Corporate greed and uncontrolled capitalism are the inevitable causes of economic disruptions, and the Fed always looks the other way.

    Don't be victimized (again) by political/corporate disinformation supported by repukes and some dems.
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    06-08-2023, 10:47 AM #273
    There is currently a risk of tainted meat in a number of states. Corporations are not prohibited from knowingly selling it. Be aware and protect yourself.

    Corporate capture strikes again...and again...and again...

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    11-20-2023, 02:58 PM #274
    Without reading widely every day from independent and authoritative sources (and never taking a day off), you will not know anything meaningful. Additionally, because the MSM is superficial, corporate and allows disinformation to be uncritically presented, you will be manipulated and therefore misinformed.

    Nothing is simple. BS and deceit is rampant especially from the dangerous right. This is one illustrative example.

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