Howard Thanks Mel Karmazin And Sirius. 12/08/10. 6:45am

Howard said that Roger Ebert tweeted about how he just got a new car and it came with Sirius XM. Howard said Roger said if he doesn't re-up then neither will he. Howard said he got some email after yesterday's show about people not renewing too. Howard said that Sirius has been terrific to them the whole time they've been there. Howard said they've gone out of their way for them. Howard said nothing is perfect but overall it's been good. Howard said if they part in a week he will never say a bad word about Sirius. Howard said he will compete with them if he leaves though. Howard said he will do everything he can to bring the listeners with him too. He said that they have been honorable there and he won't bad mouth them.

Howard said that Mel Karmazin has been great to him. He said he's known Mel a really long time and he stepped in during a low point in his life and helped him out. Howard said the guy has been great to him. Robin said that he stepped in 25 years ago. Howard said he came around after they were fired from NBC. Howard said he was thinking about moving to Los Angeles at the time. Howard said Mel knew that they'd be successful with him. Mel knew that he could sell the show where NBC failed. Howard said that Mel understood him and how he had to pay for talent.

Howard said Jay Thomas was on the station when Mel hired them. He said Jay didn't work out in the morning so he left. Howard said that led to a great association between him and Mel. Howard said that Mel stuck by him through the FCC stuff and all of that. Mel said he didn't think he did anything wrong and they were going to fight that thing. Howard said every other executive would have bailed on him. He said he knows that to be true. He said Mel doesn't stand for that. He said Mel did it because he was getting ratings but also because he's a fighter. Howard said he hopes that they can work things out and he'd like to come in tomorrow and say that they have a deal. Robin said that would be nice. She said she would be sad if she didn't come in and see everyone who works there anymore.

Howard said they have 6 shows left and he's not playing games or anything. Howard said that there are articles about how he's keeping it down to the wire but that's not why he's doing this. He said he's anxious to be able to tell his guys what they're doing but he has no answers. Howard said they'll see what happens. He said it should be an interesting next few days.

Robin said she knows that there are some concerned people there. Howard said he's still trying to figure out what he's doing. Robin said people ask her what's going on and she has no idea. Howard said he had many meetings yesterday and he still has no idea what's going on. He said he knows more but not everything. He said he hopes to have something to announce before the end of the 6 shows. He said he'll line everyone up and ask them what they think he's going to say.

Howard said it could go one of 3 ways. He said that one option is that he'll never work again. He said that it could just be too much bullshit for him to deal with. the second option is that they're leaving and going to a new opportunity. He said that would be a subtle plug for people to come with them. The third option is that they're staying there and he'll give a state of the radio address like Bubba does. Howard said he'll sit down and tell everyone what the future of radio is and what their future there is.

Howard said he wants to be clear that he loves this company and he wishes them success in the future. Howard said he wants to be very clear on that. They have some problems there. He said he has one huge one but that aside... Robin asked if he wants to get that off his chest. Howard said he doesn't know if that will ever be resolved. He said that he can put that aside though. He said he does appreciate this company and especially Mel. He said Scott Greenstein is one of the reasons too. He said he likes Scott too. Howard said it would be sad to say goodbye.

Howard said he's not sure how they're going to pack up everything if they do leave. Howard said he's going to leave his furniture there thanks to George. Howard said that he has told Gary to get things tidied up just in case they have to bolt out of there.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she has knots in her stomach. She said that's their second home there. She said that she has hope that he'll stay. She said she has gotten over 1000 letters for her ''What Howard Means to Me'' thing. Howard hung up on her in the middle of her sentence.

Bobo called in and asked if he can have his chair for his shrine. Howard said if he leaves there he will give it to Bobo for his museum. Howard said that's the creepiest museum he's ever seen. Howard said that poor chair will be raped. Howard said they had to go to break but he had George do a quick announce. George was giving everyone a big ''Wahhhh'' about them whining about how they might lose their jobs. Howard went to break after that.