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    Stern Slams Frear

    PART 1:

    Howard said they helped turn this company into over 20 million subscribers. He said that's pretty amazing. He said they turned it from a non-business into a business. That's no easy feat. Howard said they were a catalyst with the fans.

    Howard said he was so dissesd yesterday by this company. He said he got an article from Richard Bosch and the company hasn't even gotten back to them after they asked why this article came out. Howard said he's never even heard of this guy David Frear. He said he sounds like a complete idiot. Howard read the article and said that this guy can suck his dick. He said the article says he's going to have to take a pay cut. Howard said he's not going to take a pay cut. He said even if he was going to take a pay cut he doesn't have to broadcast it and humiliate him.

    Howard said he's not sure what business it is of anyone what he gets paid. He said this guy who is supposedly the CFO doesn't have to be broadcasting this stuff. Howard said the guy is a putz and it's unbelievable the amount of assholes he meets in this business. Howard said that he has no problem leaving this company after the 16th.

    Howard read through the article and they talk about how his last show could be the 16th and then he has 2 weeks off after that before his contract ends. Howard said this guy should just say he has no idea if he's going to sign or not. Howard said he has no idea who this guy, David Frear, is. He said that the guy says that he'd have to sign on for less money if he does stay there. Howard said the guy is a shithead. He said he doesn't have to say that in an article.

    Howard said that the guy says he might have other offers including one from Apple. Robin said this is a guy who is trying to prove that he's more important than he really is. Howard read more of the article where they talk about Howard's options and how he doesn't have as many with Sirius and XM since they're one company now.

    Howard said that this guy David got paid $3.3 million last year and he got that money because of him. Howard said the company wouldn't even exist now without Howard Stern. Howard said he's not going to take a pay cut. Howard said he'd rather not work there than take a pay cut. Howard said this guy knows nothing about it and he's never even heard the guy's name before. Howard said that he's not even in the loop as far as he knows.

    Howard said the caller asked about why he's so embarrassed by the industry. Howard said he gets why he's not beloved and Oprah is. He said people will say he's coarse and all of that but the company he helped build from 600,000 subscribers to 20 million doesn't have to diss him in this article. Howard said that the guy doesn't have to say that in public and humiliate him like that. He doesn't get it. Howard said he didn't do anything to this guy David Frear. Howard said when satellite is irrelevant the only winner is going to be the people who have the content. Howard said that he's a jewel in his arsenal to stay in business. He said he should be celebrated and he should be asking him to stay with him. Howard said the guy made $3.3 million because of Howard Stern.

    Howard said this was like a punch in the face to him last night. He said that this guy had no business talking about him like this. He said he should just say that he hopes Howard Stern will sign with them again. He said he's just a puppet and Mel is working him like one. Howard said that this wasn't fair to him and saying he has to take a pay cut is an insult. Howard said that's like saying he hasn't been performing.

    Howard said that they say 60 percent of the listeners are listening to his channels. That's 60 percent of the 20 million. Howard said he wants this guy David to stop by his show so he can say hello. He said he has a few words for him. He wants him to tell him to his face why he's not worth the money.

    Howard asked George about his bedbugs and if he was sniffed. He wasn't so Gary said that they'd be there in about 20 minutes. George said that he was very covered up last night so he didn't get bitten in bed. Howard said he wears one of those space outfits.

    The caller said he was sorry for calling this guy David Frear a cock sucker. Howard said that the guy is probably a nice guy but he doesn't think that he deserves the $3.3 million. He said he signed a new contract in 2008 from what he was reading. Howard said he'd like to know how many listeners that guy brought in. Howard said he didn't even know they had a CFO. Howard said Mel does it all anyway so he's probably just a puppet there. Howard said Mel pulls all of the strings there. He said you can't spend 10 cents without it ending up on Mel's desk.

    Howard said he just wants a little respect there. He said that he's done more than he needed to for the company. He said he more than paid for his salary. Howard said he worries about the business and Mel knows that. Howard said Mel could turn over those two channels and he doesn't have to worry. Howard said Mel gave him mornings at K-Rock and he took care of the rest of the day even after the morning show.

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    PART 2:

    Howard said he's not sure what's going to be. He said he still doesn't have an answer about what's going to happen. He said he's still working things out and he was up late last night trying to figure it out. He said he was up late trying to figure this out and then he gets this email about this article. Howard said he doesn't need to read stuff like that. It makes him wonder what he's doing there.

    Howard said he'd like them to keep the illusion going that he's like Elvis there. Howard said they spent all of this money building up this company and this guy is dissing the content. He doesn't get it. He said he'd like to know what his plan is because he doesn't understand it. Howard said it's a completely contradictory message to what they're trying to get out there.

    Howard said this is his humiliation. He said he's not going to take a pay cut. He said this is actually making him think that he wants more money. He said he may have to talk to his agent about that.

    Howard said he's not even sure he wants to go to the McCartney concert now. He said it's a celebration about their 20 millionth subscriber and this is the way they're treating him.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he doesn't usually sign up for things like Sirius and Howard is the only reason he signed up. He said that they've raised their rates and if they're taking shit away he's not sure how that's going to work.

    Howard said if he was willing to take a pay cut they don't have to make it public. Howard said they could keep it under wraps. The caller asked how this guy Frear got a raise. Howard said he's going to have to look into that. He said Mel usually doesn't let anyone speak. He said that he has everyone on a short leash usually.

    The caller asked if Howard's agent, Don, is dealing with Mel up there. Howard said he has to deal with Mel. He said it would be a waste of time for him to deal with anyone else up there. Howard said he needs someone who is on his team to deal with.

    The caller pointed out some of the stuff that Frear said about the NFL and things like that. Howard said that the NFL isn't exclusive content either. He said that his show is.

    The caller told George that he liked the part he played in Adventureland. He said that he liked that Ricardio character. Howard did an impression of what he figured George sounded like in that. It was just George's voice. George said he can use different voices. He demonstrated some of them but they were all very similar. Fred threw in his Little Lupe impression too. Howard said he's like Christian Bale and loses himself in his parts.

    Howard took another call from King of All Blacks who asked why they get mad at him personally. Howard said there's such jealousy out there and he gets it all the time. Howard said the day he signed with this company the employees and management were thrilled. He said everyone was lining the halls applauding and thanking him. He said they were getting their asses kicked until he signed on with them. Howard said they were thrilled and a miracle occurred. He said they became viable when he got there. Howard said they went from 600,000 to millions. He said they're at 20 million and growing now. Howard said they get resentful about him getting attention. He said that they wonder who he thinks he is and things like that. This is just human nature. Howard said he was just too successful.

    Howard said they applauded and thanked him when he started there. He said that Jesus did all of these miracles and they ended up hanging him from the cross. It's all jealousy. Howard said he'd like to see Jesus get 20 million subscribers over there. King was laughing.

    King said that this is like Howard married a girl who was nothing and then she starts thinking that she's more important than him.

    Howard took another call from Mark in Boston who said that they've been ****ing him for so long. He said that he should just say he doesn't need them anymore. Howard said he doesn't need a lesson. He said he did nothing but dedicate himself to this job. Mark said they could **** him harder if they wanted. Howard said it's just confusing to him.

    Another caller said that he doesn't deny the fact that he brought in millions of subscribers but not 20 million. Howard said there were 600,000 subscribers there when he started. He said they had to sell radios and subscriptions. Howard said this enabled Sirius to gobble up XM. That got them another 8 million subscribers. Howard said it allowed them to merge and not pay salaries they were paying to two companies. Howard said that this 20 million is because of him. He said that the reason they're successful is because for the millions he brought over. The caller said that they sell subscriptions with new car sales too though. Howard said that when old fans of the show get a new car they get to hear the show again and maybe they subscribe. They need the content to get new listeners. Howard said that this is one of the reasons people stay or subscribe.

    Dominic Barbara called in and said that they should look at history. He said that if Howard leaves they'll find themselves in trouble. Dominic said that a CFO should be worried about the stock prices. Howard said it was good to hear from Dominic. Robin said she owes him a call too.

    Howard said he was surprised to read that story. He said he's trying to figure out the future and he reads that. Howard said it was a weird statement. Robin said it's like walking in on your wife talking about how she hates having sex with you.

    Howard said the only ones in the loop about him staying there are between Mel, Don and him. Howard said he's sure that this guy Frear hasn't been consulted.

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    'I'm Not Taking a F---ing Paycut'

    Howard Stern Slams Sirius CFO: 'I'm Not Taking a F---ing Paycut'
    By Dylan Stableford
    Published: December 07, 2010 @ 7:01 am

    Howard Stern went on a long, expletive-laced rant on his Sirius satellite radio show on Tuesday, slamming the company’s chief financial officer for saying the shock jock -- whose five-year, $500 million contract is up at the end of the month -- is not involved in contract negotiations and would have to take a pay cut to stay on the air.

    "I am not taking a f---ing paycut," Stern said. “Why would I have to take a paycut? … Who is this guy to say this in public?"

    "I know what I have done in this company," he said. "I am more important than Oprah, in this company anyway. Oprah's out getting the Kennedy Center honor and I've got the CFO announcing to Wall Street that I have to take a paycut."

    "Nevermind getting respect from the industry,” Stern continued, “I want respect from the company."

    David Frear, the Sirius/XM CFO, told a UBS investor conference in New York on Monday that while the company is “hopeful” its star will be back, he’d have to agree to return at significantly less money.

    "At the time of the merger we were in many long-term contracts," Frear said. "As they come up for renewal, we'll have the opportunity to get more favorable economic terms there. [...] The marketing aspects of these alignments don't have the same kind of value components to them today that they did several years ago. We go after each new negotiation as if it's the first time."

    "He could decide that he doesn't want to get up that early in the morning,” Frear added. “That he'd like to do a shorter show. That he'd like to do it somewhere else. The Internet, whether it's through iTunes or something else, is always a possibility."

    Is Howard Stern Siriusly Close to a $600M Deal With Apple?
    Howard Stern 'Pretty Sure' He's Leaving Sirius
    A Sneak Peek Into Sirius' Howard Stern NegotiationsFrear did not exactly endear himself to Stern.

    "I am calling my agent today that want more f---ing money. I don't want it perceived that I took a paycut," Stern railed, disclosing that Frear got a raise in 2008, putting his annual salary at $3.3 million. "Where's your paycut, David?"

    Late last week, a wild rumor circulated that Stern was close to signing a three-year, $600 million contract with Apple to take his show to iTunes – but there are so many reasons why that story is bogus, it’s hard to know where to start (Apple’s prudish nature, iTunes' general lack of streaming, the idea of Steve Jobs signing off on strippers and midgets, etc.).

    Stern’s last scheduled show on Sirius is Dec. 16.

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    Did you listen to the show today? Evidently, Howard got mislead. Frear had "glowing" words for Howard, and Howard even apologized.

    Howard did talk a lot today about his respect for Mel and that he likes it at SIRI. It was sounding very positive at first, then started to sound "farewellish".

    He did make one negative comment, but would not explain. Something about feeling disrespected -- I forget the exact words, but it wasn't disrespected.

    Here is what is on his web site.

    Howard promised that no matter what he decides, “I will never say a bad word about Sirius. I will compete with them and I will be fierce in my competition...but I will never say a bad word about them. They’ve been nothing but honorable.” Howard said he was proud of the business he brought to the company: “They will be a strong competitor of ours if we are somewhere else...we have all done something miraculous here.”
    That said, Howard weighed his options: “One is I’m never working again.” Option 2: “We’re going to a new opportunity.” And 3: “We’re staying here.”

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    Your Wish is My Command SL

    Howard Apologizes To CFO Frear. 12/08/10. 6:00am

    Show opening bits and songs included: A Jay Leno clip with James Garner bad mouthing Howard Stern, Red Peters ''Ballad of a Dog Named Stains,'' Jewel performing ''The Needle And The Damage Done'' live in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about how they were down to just 5 shows after today. He said there's still no announcement of any kind on the horizon. Howard said there's a lot of conversation about whether or not he's going to stay there or go to another company. He said yesterday he threw a tirade about the CFO of the company for saying he might have to take a pay cut. Howard said he did some investigation and found out he said nothing of the kind. Howard said he read the transcript and they extrapolated a couple of things and they made some assumptions.

    Howard said it turns out that David Frear said that in many cases they don't have to pay people much to get them to renew. He said that Frear just said that Howard has been a good partner and he hopes he stays. That's all he said. Howard said the Hollywood Reporter went ahead and put that big headline about needing to take a pay cut. Howard said they attributed to Frear that he night need to step back and take a pay cut and that's not what he said.

    Howard said the CFO is in the clear now. He said he thought the Hollywood Reporter was a credible source. Howard said he was misled so he doesn't really owe anyone an apology but he'll give him one anyway. Howard said he doesn't know this guy Frear but he does send him a Christmas card. Robin said she doesn't send out Christmas cards anymore. She said she just got too busy. Howard said everyone knows that she's out saving the world so they excuse her for that.
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    Howard Thanks Mel Karmazin And Sirius. 12/08/10. 6:45am

    Howard said that Roger Ebert tweeted about how he just got a new car and it came with Sirius XM. Howard said Roger said if he doesn't re-up then neither will he. Howard said he got some email after yesterday's show about people not renewing too. Howard said that Sirius has been terrific to them the whole time they've been there. Howard said they've gone out of their way for them. Howard said nothing is perfect but overall it's been good. Howard said if they part in a week he will never say a bad word about Sirius. Howard said he will compete with them if he leaves though. Howard said he will do everything he can to bring the listeners with him too. He said that they have been honorable there and he won't bad mouth them.

    Howard said that Mel Karmazin has been great to him. He said he's known Mel a really long time and he stepped in during a low point in his life and helped him out. Howard said the guy has been great to him. Robin said that he stepped in 25 years ago. Howard said he came around after they were fired from NBC. Howard said he was thinking about moving to Los Angeles at the time. Howard said Mel knew that they'd be successful with him. Mel knew that he could sell the show where NBC failed. Howard said that Mel understood him and how he had to pay for talent.

    Howard said Jay Thomas was on the station when Mel hired them. He said Jay didn't work out in the morning so he left. Howard said that led to a great association between him and Mel. Howard said that Mel stuck by him through the FCC stuff and all of that. Mel said he didn't think he did anything wrong and they were going to fight that thing. Howard said every other executive would have bailed on him. He said he knows that to be true. He said Mel doesn't stand for that. He said Mel did it because he was getting ratings but also because he's a fighter. Howard said he hopes that they can work things out and he'd like to come in tomorrow and say that they have a deal. Robin said that would be nice. She said she would be sad if she didn't come in and see everyone who works there anymore.

    Howard said they have 6 shows left and he's not playing games or anything. Howard said that there are articles about how he's keeping it down to the wire but that's not why he's doing this. He said he's anxious to be able to tell his guys what they're doing but he has no answers. Howard said they'll see what happens. He said it should be an interesting next few days.

    Robin said she knows that there are some concerned people there. Howard said he's still trying to figure out what he's doing. Robin said people ask her what's going on and she has no idea. Howard said he had many meetings yesterday and he still has no idea what's going on. He said he knows more but not everything. He said he hopes to have something to announce before the end of the 6 shows. He said he'll line everyone up and ask them what they think he's going to say.

    Howard said it could go one of 3 ways. He said that one option is that he'll never work again. He said that it could just be too much bullshit for him to deal with. the second option is that they're leaving and going to a new opportunity. He said that would be a subtle plug for people to come with them. The third option is that they're staying there and he'll give a state of the radio address like Bubba does. Howard said he'll sit down and tell everyone what the future of radio is and what their future there is.

    Howard said he wants to be clear that he loves this company and he wishes them success in the future. Howard said he wants to be very clear on that. They have some problems there. He said he has one huge one but that aside... Robin asked if he wants to get that off his chest. Howard said he doesn't know if that will ever be resolved. He said that he can put that aside though. He said he does appreciate this company and especially Mel. He said Scott Greenstein is one of the reasons too. He said he likes Scott too. Howard said it would be sad to say goodbye.

    Howard said he's not sure how they're going to pack up everything if they do leave. Howard said he's going to leave his furniture there thanks to George. Howard said that he has told Gary to get things tidied up just in case they have to bolt out of there.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she has knots in her stomach. She said that's their second home there. She said that she has hope that he'll stay. She said she has gotten over 1000 letters for her ''What Howard Means to Me'' thing. Howard hung up on her in the middle of her sentence.

    Bobo called in and asked if he can have his chair for his shrine. Howard said if he leaves there he will give it to Bobo for his museum. Howard said that's the creepiest museum he's ever seen. Howard said that poor chair will be raped. Howard said they had to go to break but he had George do a quick announce. George was giving everyone a big ''Wahhhh'' about them whining about how they might lose their jobs. Howard went to break after that.
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    What's your take from all of this SRK? Think this is all just a ploy and he stays or is he really thinking of leaving?

    Thanks man,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeful View Post
    What's your take from all of this SRK? Think this is all just a ploy and he stays or is he really thinking of leaving?

    Thanks man,

    100% he stays . . . all just posturing. If Mel wants him (and he does), Mel will sign him.

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    Thanks SRK!!!

    Hope all is well with you!!!


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    Hot off the Press... Stern signs with Siri for another 5 years.

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