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    I think I need meds....

    This is an ex parte from today. Everyone knows how much I like trying to read into things, but as was pointed out to me, I point it out to you....

    Does this sound like Adelstein is going to vote no? It sure looks like a yes to me...Commissioner Adelstein requested this information. I don't think he'd do that if he intended to kill the merger...You really need to read this...This is a Senator talking about the merged company....

    In such a program, there is no need for the MERGED ENTITY and the manufacturers to interface. Indeed, the process is intended to prevent the MERGED ENTITY from controlling or favoring any device
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    I hate reading into things either, but this sounds very encouraging. The Clear Channel ex parte also sounds like the merger is a foregone conclusion and they are desperately trying to get more concessions added.

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    I tend to think they are just discussing it in terms of the hypothetical outcome. It would be rediculous if in ever exparte in which they discussed something post-merger they had to use the phrase "when and if approved"...