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    I'm considering buying the Starmate 5 but...

    I have an original Starmate R radio, and the power port is getting flaky. It has to be positioned just-so for it to work.

    I'm thinking of getting the Starmate 5 and am wondering:

    1. How's the FM modulator? I heard someone say it wasn't as powerful
    2. Can I use the Starmate R home & car kits? or do I need to buy new ones?


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    The power into the radio or the power into the cigarette lighter? What about just getting a new power cord? They are cheap and you should be able to find a generic one at bestbuy or radio shack.

    Yes, the new FM modulators are much weaker. A great reason to upgrade to a direct connection... which are better than even the older/better FM modulators.
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    The power port in the radio is "loose". It still works for now, just trying to decide which radio will be it's replacement when the time comes. We a use direct connection now, but my husband listens thru the radio in his workshop. We can always hard wire that too, but it would be inconvenient.

    A friend also recommended TSS-Radio <>, which has a wealth of information. Just being able to read the PDF of the Starmate 5 owner's manual has answered my questions!