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    Howard's Future Still In Question

    Howard Everyone's Future Still In Question. 12/01/10. 7:50am

    Howard said he knows that people are nervous about them not having a job at the end of the year. He said that they only have a few shows left. Howard said they're done on the 16th. They have 9 live shows left to do. Howard said he'd be happy if it was just over after that. Howard said he's working on keeping them working but it's not working out. Howard said he would like to keep them working but he's not sure what's going to happen.

    Gary said that a lot of people think that Howard knows what he's going to be doing and he's just not telling them. Howard said he really doesn't know. Howard said there are a whole slew of people he feels loyal too, even Benjy. Howard said he always comes through in the end. Gary said that's what he's been saying in interviews. He trusts that Howard will come through for them.

    Howard said that he's trying to figure out what's best for them. He said that he'd like to keep working. Gary said it would be very weird if December 16th comes around and they still don't know what's going on. Howard said he doesn't have anything definite yet. He said they are working on trying to come up with something but there's nothing definite.

    Howard said he heard that Gary is freaking out the most. Robin said that the Howard TV guys are freaking out too. Howard said they do have the TV channel but if they don't have a daily show then they don't have anything. Howard said that he thinks the TV channel will continue either way. He said it's all very complicated.

    Howard said he gets that people are freaking out. He said that they must feel powerless. Howard said it's up to him where he goes and then everyone has to decide where they're going. Howard said he thinks it's awful but he's not sure how to handle it. Howard said he can't just say they're moving and go somewhere. He said he's not in charge. He said he doesn't own the company.

    Howard asked who is freaking out the most. He heard that Scott the Engineer is the one. Scott came in and said that he's not freaking out or saying anything. He said he'll be 58 next week. He has no retirement plan. Scott said he'll have to do some freelance stuff. Howard asked Scott if the show ends in 9 shows and he has nothing after that. He asked what his plan is. Scott said he has no plan. Howard said he doesn't understand that. Scott said he has money to last him about 6 months. Howard said he's screwed.

    Gary said that Suze Orman has a plan for all of this. Gary said that she says you have to have an 8 month plan. Gary said he has about a year. He said that he has a year to look for work and he has to cut back on things.

    Howard said it's these guys he has to worry about. Gary said that if Howard had said this 6 months ago he would have gone out and looked for a job. Howard said if he signs a 5 year deal with someone then what are they going to do in 5 years. Scott said he would work on something. He said that he'll try to come up with something.

    Howard said that his father told him to just take like $500 a month and put it away for retirement. Howard said that if you do that then you'd have a nest egg. Howard said that Scott hasn't done that. Scott said he lives day by day. Howard said Scott is an amazing guy. He said he could have taken $100 a week and put it away. Scott said he has some savings.

    Howard said if he gets someone to hire Scott, which might be impossible, then he's going to have to think about what to do in 5 years.

    Richard said he thinks that Scott thought his son's band was going to be his nest egg. Scott said his son has his own life and he wasn't counting on that.

    Howard said Jason must be freaking out because he has no plan and he's getting fatter. Howard said he might sign another 5 year deal but he's going to be done after that. He wants to retire. Howard said if he does take that 5 year deal, what is Jason going to do? Howard asked if they're going to have plans after that 5 years. Howard said he's out after that. Howard said Jason is wasting his time on a cruise instead of saving that money. Howard said everyone has to start looking for a job.

    Gary said he's been putting money away because his father always told him to do that. Howard said Gary's father died broke. Gary said he didn't have a plan. Gary said he thinks that Howard's next deal will be his last. He said he's preparing for that. Howard said that the experts say that you shouldn't get caught off guard.

    Howard said that he heard that if Jason doesn't get his next paycheck he's going to be wiped out. Jason said that he's got savings. He said that he has been saving cash. Will came in and said that Jason does make comments that he has to wait until he gets paid on Friday to make $25 payments to people. Howard asked Will if he has a plan. Will said he's working on it. Will said he's 32 and he's thinking about his future now. Howard said he's got the 130 IQ so of course he's thinking about that. Will said that he's only got a little bit of a plan.

    Howard said if he has another 5 year deal they have to work on a plan for their futures. Gary said he will save money and continue to do so. He said that he'll be 55 at the end of that contract and he's not sure anyone will want to hire a 55 year old. Howard said he's right about that. Howard said they've all been very blessed so far.

    Howard said he signs 5 year contracts and that's unheard of. Howard said they have to come up with a plan. Gary said he'd rather be there knowing what he has for 5 years instead of being on some other show that's gone in 3 years.

    Benjy asked Howard if it's really his primary motivation that he has to keep them working. Howard said he wants to do something and be involved. He said if he didn't want to do it then he wouldn't. Howard said there are a lot of people working there who don't have a plan. Benjy is the worst of them. Benjy said if Howard does another 5 year run then he'll be as old as he says he is now. He said it's really a wake up call for him. Howard said he hopes it is. Howard said that everyone has to put money aside and come up with a plan.

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    Its amazing that this has not be resolved yet. It seems clear that Howard will be working somewhere, I just hope it will be with Sirius. I did not renew one of my subscriptions that expired this week.
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