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    Need Help with what I need

    I'm looking at getting Sirus but I don't know what equipment to get. I've got a 2002 Chevy 2500HD P/U and a 2007 F-350 both without Sat Radio. I want to have the ability to use Sirus in while I'm driving in both of these vehicles and I'd like to be able to use the Sat Radio in/around my 5th wheel. What's the best choice equipment for me to meet these requirements?

    You help is greatly appreciated.


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    I would say that something along the lines of a sportster is the way to go. I have had one for 5 years now and its still running strong. The only issue I see for you is that you are going to need multiple docking stations and antennas for both of your vehicles unless you are willing to pull out and move all the wires each time you change vehicles.

    I am a big fan of tucking all of that wiring away so, moving it all is not an option for me. That said, my cousin just throws his antenna up on his dashboard, leaves the wires all over the place, and switches it out to his daily driver when he feels like it. To each their own.
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