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    What's behind Goldmans move?

    You should start a thread called crfceo's conspiracy theories...this falls under that catagory..

    For starters, at last report Goldman Sachs, who has had a conviction sell rating on sirius for 2 years, sits on over 3.406 million shares of sirius. They so despise the satellite radio sector, that they have taken a huge position in it. Unfortunately, I cannot find any info on xmsr, as the site doesn't list the company.

    I have a theory which tends to get thrown out with the bath water, that Goldman is sitting on a lot of naked calls they wrote, and are hedging against a surprise FCC ruling.

    We do have a precedent on the manipulative practices at's an article on naked call writing, naming Goldman as the main manipulative player...

    "The responsibility for obtaining answers rests with Congress. What is more, both Democratic and Republican members are now recipients of weasel answers from the Treasury Department. Both major parties in Congress are thus fully on notice of credible, serious allegations that the current administration has turned the ESF into a political slush fund to aid its closest friends on Wall Street, starting with Goldman Sachs, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin's old firm, by giving them the inside track on a manipulative scheme to cap the gold price."

    There are others. A simple google search reveals them. I'm no options expert, but the timing of the report which is so filled with holes has everyone wondering.

    Cowen today came out and said Goldman was just plain wrong, and I think that's a nice way of putting it.
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    I don't really understand how all this stuff works and how the government decides to investigate and indict on this kind of manipulation but if someone says sell sell sell they should not own 1 single share of that stock never mind 3+ million.

    Would you buy a Chevy truck from a car salesman who drives a Ford?

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    The reason they can get away with this kind of thing is no one brings it to the publics attention. Out of all the retail holders of SIRI, how many do you think do the research to check Goldman holdings? How many people do you think are only in this stock because they saw the merger press release and wanted to make a quick buck? How many then lose hope when the process has been dragged out over a year, and the stock has lost almost 50 percent of its value?

    As much as spreading the word online like this helps, it will never reach the required audience to make a difference. Someone who is online reading message boards related to the stock most likely already has done and been doing their research all along. The rest of the mom and pop retail holders, sadly, make their buy and sell decisions based on emotions, and PR releases.

    It is what it is.