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    Could be read as more bad news..

    or another crfceo conspiracy theory....

    I decided to google martin, fcc and korea just to see if there was any news from over there or a mention of his return...and although it may be meaningless, it could also prove to be meaningful. So. I'll put it out there so we all have the same information, and each person can decide for themselves.

    Apparently Martin held an impromptu press conference in korea this week...yet no stories on it are available. They have been censored (I'm talking about the korean story) and although the limited information I have states that Martin met with members of the American media, not a single story has been published.

    Might he have leaked something that has caused the selloff?

    This would have coincided with the exact date of Goldmans downgrade, which may turn out to have been a coincidence also.

    All this creates many questions in my mind. Who did Martin give an interview to? Was any article published and retracted? Censored? Was this information available to a limited number of people who now are betting on merger denial based on inside information? Is this the reason for the selloff?

    And by the way, if you are thinking as I did that it's just a coincidental dead link (for the 1 news story seemingly published) here's the Korean Times. There is no mention...
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    you can't really think that

    crfceo, first of all I have to say you do find good information and do put it out. That being said you have to stop the conspiracy theories. I can say if you think about this logically. This would have nothing to do with the drop in price. Why, well simple Martin is not going to tell anybody, much less reporters about the SIRI/XMSR merger, if he expected to keep it silent. If he had anything to say about it that he did not want mentioned he would not have held any press conference period. Come on do you really think any reporter is going to keep anything to themselves, No you wouldn't and nether would Martin. Just another piece of common sense.

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    If we were talking about the US I'd agree with you. But we're not. We're talking about a foreign nation...I guess you didn't read the first link...

    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin held a backdoor meeting with the American media during the OECD Internet Ministers Meeting, Wednesday, but refused to hold an official press conference despite continuous requests. Chairman Martin had a brief, exclusive meeting with reporters from several US news agencies at the OECD event venue the COEX exhibition center while officials from the US Embassy in Seoul blocked access to reporters."

    I put this out there simply because I hit a brick wall with it. Whether it's useful or not I don't know. This event happened immediately after Martin's statement regarding the merger. I'm sure he must have been asked merger related questions by these members of the american media. I challenge you to find a single story on it.

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    update....a story on the non story. Also, Martins Asia trip is a two week trip. With 1 week to go before he returns.

    OECD Discord To The Tune of 'Martin Seoul'
    Korean Journalist Angered After Access Denial To FCC Chairman’ Press Conference
    By Ted Hearn -- Multichannel News, 6/22/2008 6:03:00 AM
    Fifty-five years of peace on the Korean peninsula suffered a minor setback last week after Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin landed in Seoul for a two-day ministerial session of the 30-country Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    According to a published report, Martin held a press conference that U.S. Embassy officials limited to U.S. media outlets, angering an excluded journalist with the Korean Times.

    Reporter Cho Jin-seo described Martin's press conference as “a back-door meeting” planned by the FCC, and “officials from the U.S. Embassy in Seoul blocked access to reporters from other countries.”

    Cho anonymously quoted an OECD official on the press management ways of U.S. government officials in other parts of the world.

    “They are Americans,'' the OECD official said. “They do that in Paris, too.” OECD is based in Paris.

    Cho wrapped up his dispatch by saying an unnamed U.S. Embassy official apologized for any “impoliteness” shown to excluded reporters.

    Martin's visit to South Korea was the first leg in a two-week Asia tour that includes meetings in Beijing, China, and Singapore, an FCC official said.

    Evidently, Martin decided that a lengthy overseas trip was a better use of his time than traveling the U.S. to promote the national transition to digital television on Feb. 17, 2009. An FCC spokesperson said Martin still had plenty of time left to devote to DTV issues.

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    Yeah I think the issue of that article was that Korea was pissed that their media was being excluded for the press conference. Had something been said about the merger (whether positive, negative, or neutral) it certainly would have made it across to major US media outlets.

    As far as any relation to the Goldman downgrade, everyone knows Wienkes has the throne when it comes to being bearish on the Sat Radio sector. And I think someone pointed out on the Yahoo boards he has a history of downgrading whenever there is positive news (or a step closer to it).

    The fact that he said 30% chance of DOJ approval, when they approved without restrictions says a lot. And it goes both ways, if he is the "worst case scenario" in his projections, I would say Citi under Eilieen Furakawa, and I forget who is covering it now, is ithe "best cast scenario". Most likely the future falls somewhere in between these two.

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    If we were talking about the US I'd agree with you. But we're not. We're talking about a foreign nation...I guess you didn't read the first link...

    cfrceo, As amatter of fact I did. That did not change the fact of what I said, is of common lodgic. Looking at it from that point any reasonable person would see that Martin would have had nothing more to say about the merger of SIRI/XMSR then what was said before. If you want to keep something silent, you dont tell a bunch of reporters peroid. whether it be in a closed press confirence or you say this is off the record.