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    The NAB must think Tate is weak...

    They are now filing that the merger will hurt Tennessee. Do they really think Tate is that dumb? I would think she would be offended by this...

    Which forces Sirius to stoop to their level...

    Unfortunately, this is proof that Commissioner Tate is on the fence..

    However, there have been countless people in support of the merger from Tennessee...from Charlie Daniela to Elvis Presley Enterprises. The Mayor of Nashville has also voiced his support. And xm and Nashville have a partnership as xm has a broadcast studio there.

    I must beleive that Commissioner Tate did not get where she is today without earning it. I'm sure she can see through the NAB's garbage. She has already shown it once...

    "During the meeting, it appears that Tate, a proud Tennessee native, posed the obvious challenge to Clear Channel Vice President Thomas English. Tate suggested that there "were questions regarding the reconciliation of your statements about the consolidation of terrestrial radio vs. the XM/Sirius merger," according to the Clear Channel public filing.

    Or, to put it another way, how can Clear Channel oppose satellite radio consolidation as anti-competitive when it constantly lobbies the FCC to lift its cap on the number of terrestrial radio stations a single entity can own in big markets?"
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    Imagine that. An unbiased letter to the editor from a station owner/ past Tenn Association of Broadcasters. How quaint.

    And who wrote the one in support? Was it an XM/Sirius client, representative, or agency? Oh, no. I was from two people whose job it is to get people to travel to Nashville. I can see how they would be biased... oh wait, no I cant....

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    I thought I had posted this info that relates to Commissioner Tate, Tennessee specifaically, and the merger. I hope I'm not being redundant.

    The City of Nashville Supports the Merger:

    Elvis Presley Entrprises Supports the Merger, and in a big way!

    Charlie Daniels Band supports the merger