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    Market Watch 2011

    Happy New Year 2011

    Market Watch
    The thread for stocks other than Sirius. (are there others?)
    Please join in.


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    Thanks for starting this Julie. Guess who logged in yesterday for an ever brief moment? Yeap, Chuck.

    You remember Big Ben? "Buy and rot"....... I bought ILMN at 35 about a year ago. Look at it now. I was holding TCK at 40, look at it now. VZ I got it at 28. I made money on all of them, but if I would have just held....... Other than SIRI, I'm holding at little GE and GILD which are both in the green. The rest is in cash. The bull has to run out of gas.

    Big Ben liked to play the short ETF's. I lost a lot on SPXU.

    There is a difference between an investor and a trader. The two should never meet. Once I sell my position in SIRI, I'm going to INVEST in a broad portfolio, and leave it alone. And when I do, I'll leave Lloyd and Atypical to talk amongst themselves.