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    More BEHL, updates!

    SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept. 27, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:BEHL - News) President Monique Berry provided the following shareholder update:

    "The BioCentric Energy Technical Team wrapped up the week in Death Valley Junction, California last Friday, by completing the installation of bags and corners and filling the tubes with water in the first of four CAB's (controlled algae basin). Pictures of the first CAB (taken on Saturday, September 25th) will be available on the BioCentric Energy website: . The BEHL Technical team also prepped and positioned the corners in the second CAB and will begin the process of attaching the bags beginning today. The first skid is almost complete and work on the second skid will commence later this week."

    BioCentric Energy President, Ms. Monique Berry returned to Death Valley Junction this past Saturday to adjust the live video camera, take photos, test the water temperature and collect samples of the Company's Haematococcus that's been strategically placed on site. The Haematococcus samples collected will be tested and reviewed at the Company's headquarters this week by BEHL's Algae Specialist, Ms. Domini Maddox. Ms. Maddox has been diligently tracking the growth rate of this strain and how it reacts in the extreme Death Valley Junction environment. After 6 days in Death Valley Junction, the Haematococcus is doing well, although it purposely being deprived of nutrients and other vital elements that the commercial Haematococcus will receive once inoculated into the system. Based upon these preliminary results, the Company is highly confident that under a controlled environment in Death Valley Junction, this highly valuable strain will exceed expectations. Ms. Berry stated, "I tested the water from the onsite aquifer and in the filled CAB's for the first time July 4th weekend. This past Saturday, I tested the water filled in the third CAB, the aquifer and a few 2" puddles in the first completed CAB. The temperature ranged from 69 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The low water temperatures will be highly beneficial to maintain the perfect temperature for our commercial Haematococcus."

    As a follow up to last week's press release, BEHL's Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dennis Fisher had a successful meeting with a nutraceutical Company interested in BEHL's systems and ability to grow mass quantities of algae for their nutraceutical products. Mr. Fisher stated, "I had a very interesting meeting and believe there are several mutually beneficial opportunities for our companies. We are moving forward and working out the necessary details this week." Both BioCentric Energy and BioCen Natural products (Pink Sheets:BNPD - News) shareholders have inquired as to the name of this potential client. However, at the request of this publically traded company, Ms. Berry signed an NDA last week prohibiting any disclosure of the Company's name, address and other vital information."

    "Last Friday, BEHL President, Ms. Berry had a conference call with its Hawaiian client to solidify the date and plans for deploying the Company's PBR systems. Depending upon the completion on the Death Valley Junction site, the Company is anticipating beginning the Hawaiian project the last week of October or the beginning of November. A few BioCentric Energy employees will be traveling to Hawaii early October to review the client's site and draft the plans and schedule for deployment."

    "On Friday, September 30th a few BEHL team members will be traveling to Berkley, California to meet with Dr. Melis, a professor of plant and microbiology at UC Berkley. The goal for BEHL is to utilize UC Berkley's state of the art laboratories, research and students to assist BEHL in developing methods for maximizing the growth of Haematococcus in a variety of environments."

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    Hey Andy!

    Wow, that thing is huge! Do you have to crane it out of there? Great pics as always ...

    The mighty "Q" ... I know it does sound a bit crazy but he has some experience and I think the speculation isn't far off that this is a short term engagement until they gets things cleaned up, organized and ... funded and then it is handed off to the other Jeff from APEX. Like yourself, I was far too gun shy to by up the supper cheapies ... a certain candlemaker on the other hand didn't hesitate, we might have to re-term him as The Wax Whale ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska Guy View Post
    Not sure how to read this....former QASP MOD on the shrub turned QASP CEO?....Sounds a bit crazy to me, but sounds like hes got the creditials and the support from all the shareholders on the shrub.

    Still holding a million shares and never had the guts to buy when it hit bottom...I just couldnt do it. And was pretty much ALL IN anyways and didnt want to dip into the savings or cash out any of the other positions.

    Chuck, glad your making some money.

    On the hunting front......for those not in the know (Im on Facebook)....I spent last weekend on my final moose hunt of the season with three of my boys up north. 30 minutes on the river and...........


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    Andy, the moose is just awsome looking. But, the best part of those pictures are the smiles on the boys. Man, do they ever look happy with themselves. You're a lucky guy to be able to share that life with your kids.

    And how bout the Q? It's as confusing as ever!!!!

    Yours Truly, The Wax Whale....LOL

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