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    Disconnecting Stiletto 2 satellite service but keeping wifi?

    I just bought a used car that has a radio equipped with satellite. So I'm going to transfer my service from my Stiletto 2 to this new car radio. My question is, after I do this will I still be able to use the wifi function on my stiletto 2? I pay every month for the premium internet radio stream and I will NOT be canceling this. I use it extensively in my home but I don't want to pay a full monthly charge on my S2 in addition to the radio in my new car just to keep it's wifi capabilities running.

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    No, you will not be able to use the stiletto 2 at all after it has been deactivated. My advice to you is to keep the SL2 activated and add a subscription to your current account. They will not charge you the full amount when you add a subscription.