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    Starmate Keeps Shutting Off

    I saw a post like this a while back, but I can not find the final answer

    When I hit a bump, my Starmate keeps shutting off and than on. It comes to a point were I just turn the unit off completely.

    Any way to correct this?

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    This is a pretty common problem. It can be fixed without having to replace the radio. What happens is that the power port on the radio begins to wear out and it no longer will hold the power adapter properly.

    We do have the capabilities of getting that radio repaired. Just send an email to and you will be speaking to Droo. Just explain to him what radio you have and the problem you are having with it and he will get back to you quickly and tell you how to get that radio to him and how much it will costs. It's usually $50 and you are only charged if the radio is repaired and works properly.