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    Organizations For and Against the Merger

    I have had a couple of readers request a full list of companies who have spoken out about the Sirius XM merger so, here it is. Please feel free to post any companies or organizations I have forgotten and I will add them to this post.


    Family Net
    League of Rural Voters
    National Council of Women's Organizations
    Americans For Tax Reform
    Women Impacting Public Policy
    Women Involved in Farm Economics
    Hispanic Federation
    Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
    Latino Coalition
    League of United Latin American Citizens
    National Black Chamber of Commerce
    National Consumers League
    National Taxpayers Union
    American Trucking Associations
    American Values
    Competitive Enterprise Institute
    Free State Foundation
    NY State Fed. of Hispanic Chambers


    Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio
    Consumers Union
    Consumer Federation of America
    American Antitrust Institute
    Charles LaRocca
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    According to the LA Times article I posted last week-

    Worried about the proposed merger between the XM and Sirius satellite radio services? So are more than 70 members of Congress, Consumers Union, the Consumer Federation of America and the American Antitrust Institute, among other groups.

    On the other hand, the New York State Federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce thinks it's a great idea. "We firmly believe that alternative news sources found in satellite radio have played a role in fueling this economic growth and we strongly urge the merger's approval," the group's president, Alfred Placares, said in a press release earlier this month.

    So do three other Latino organizations—the Hispanic Federation, the Latino Coalition and the League of United Latin American Citizens. Also voicing support are the National Black Chamber of Commerce and the 2nd Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (as well as the NAACP, although its comments have yet to be posted). Ditto a trio of women's groups: Women Involved in Farm Economics, Women Impacting Public Policy and the National Council of Women's Organizations. From the heartland, the League of Rural Voters votes "aye" on the merger of the satellite radio giants. So do two conservative Christian groups, American Values and FamilyNet. Oh and yes, don't forget the liberal National Consumers League and the conservative National Taxpayers Union.