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    New to Sirius

    what do i need to get sirius , like a radio, boombox do i also need a home kit? or does everthing comes with the boombox? i will not be use sirius in a car, just for my home just list the stuff i would need pleases

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    Welcome to SiriusBuzz, and welcome to the world of Satellite Radio as well!

    I have never used a home unit or boombox, so unfortunately I cannot help you. However, I would like to direct you to one of our sponsors: TSS RADIO.

    I do not point you there simply because they are a SiriusBuzz sponsor, but because they have one of the largest varieties of Satellite Radio devices and accessories that I have seen anywhere. When BestBuy and Circuit City does not have them, these guys pretty much will. They are all about customer service as well, and I have not heard a single bad comment about these guys. Try them out and then come back and let us know how things went. They will be glad to help you out.

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    Specifically, when would you use it and do you own a home stereo system of ANY kind now?

    I ask because I have a sportster model. It has an internal transmitter built in. I can set my home stereo to 88.3 or any station I choose and sirius will broadcast through my home stereo.

    I have a docking cradle for it in my car, a home docking unit for the house, and a boombox for work and beach trips.

    All you would need with an existing stereo is a home kit. It will even work with any am/fm radio...the better your home stereo, the better the sound quality...