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    Missing stations- need help

    I have 2 lifetime subscriptions to Sirius. Subscription #1 is working great. Subscription #2 is not, I am receiving a signal and getting 90% of the channels on subscription number 2.

    Hardware for Subscription number 2 is as follows: I have an Alpine CDA-117 connected to a Sirius Tuner SC-C1 via the Alpine adapter.

    My issue is this: I am missing a block of channels on subscription #2 (sports). I have called Sirius and had them send a new signal (did not fix the issue), had them create a new account for my SSID (did not fix the issue), unplugged the tuner (did not fix the issue), unplugged the car battery (did not fix the issue).

    WTF is the problem?

    Thanks for any help or insight you can offer.

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    I'm not certain that this is the answer, but could there be a possibility that your radio is stuck in some sort of category mode that is somehow excluding some of these channels. This may not pertain to the satellite subscription, but more to the radio that is displaying the information and what you change channels on. Maybe contacting their manufacturer will help. There could be a chance they are aware of the problem and they know how to fix it.