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    Is there such a thing as...

    a sirius/xm car stereo that has an auxillary input? The reason I ask is that I would love to be able to plug in my cell phone like I already do in my car stereo that came with my car. As far as the stock car stereo I already have, it shows the station but not the artist and song title which is what I really want. I have the sirius/xm app on my Droid phone but I would love to have an actual sirius/xm tuner in my dash board even though it is much more expensive and I would rather have it built in the dash as opposed to a dock and play model.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Well, here's the deal: There are many (at least hundreds) of car stereos that are "Sirius ready" in the sense that you get a little adapter box that plugs into the stereo and then into a tuner (either a "tuner in a box" or a dock that uses a "plug and play" radio such as SIRVDOC1). (All these boxes are meant to be hidden somewhere out of sight.) Many of these stereos have aux inputs -- some even have two.

    Am I correct in assuming you're just, e.g., playing back MP3s on your phone and that's why you're connecting to the your car stereo?