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    No Howard in Costa Rica

    After reading a few threads, I wanted to introduce myself to this community. I look forward to sharing ideas with other forum members on how I can fulfill my need to hear Howard. I have tapes, and other recordings, but I would love to hear him everyday and to use his style to help improve the English skills of my call center agents. It may sound extreme, but if I can get someone to listen to English for a few hours of their own time, it adds up and their skills improve. Plus, who wants to learn a second language the boring way.

    Long live Howard and the gang. I have missed them for 8 years.

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    Greetings, and welcome to the boards!

    Unfortunately, Sirius/XM does not broadcast to anything but "the 48 contiguous continental US" states. I have been told by a few friends that have traveled that many Carribean islands can still pick up the signal, but if you actually call to subscribe, they will not let you, as they cannot guarentee your reception. I am sure the same will go for Central America as well.

    Your options are:
    1) Subscribe online. You can get the feed, record it via computer, and copy/play it back (this would be considered copyright fraud, I beleive so I dont recomend it)
    2) Find out if you really can pick up a signal through some means, and if you can, use a "mainland" US address as the subscribing address.

    Good luck with your cause!