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    TTR1 - automatic 90 minute shutdown

    I purchased the TTR1 table top wi-fi radio only to find out that it shuts down every 90 minutes due to 'no user activity'. The radio was purchased to play from a loft in my living room over the whole first floor. Now, every 90 minutes, I have to climb up a ladder and turn the radio back on. I understand about uncontrolled bandwidth use, but I am paying Sirius for the use of bandwidth. Also, no where on their web site do they disclose that this radio shuts down automatically every 90 minutes. Had I known this I never would have purchased this radio. I called Sirius and they said nothing can be done just learn to live with it. This feature really sucks. Any thoughts, and comments. Thanks

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    The only thing I can say is that I totally agree with you. Its one thing to kill the internet browser feed every 90 minutes (which I hate) but its another to kill radio.
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    I too purchased a TTR1 radio to find out that after a period of time it would drop the network and display "network not ready" error. I called their support personnel and after bouncing around to several "stupid" folks, I finally reached one that knew what he was talking about. He told me about this 90 minute inactivity feature. But this is still not the truth when it comes to the TTR1 radio. It may be true about connecting thru a browser on a computer. But when it comes to this TTR1, the network drops at exactly :58 minutes on the hour. It does not matter if you connect at :45 minutes into the hour, again at :58 minutes you will get disconnected. And the guy told me as long as I changed the volume or channel within the 90 minutes, I would not get disconnected, but this is also false. There seems to be an automatic cutoff at :58 minutes either built into the network or the radio itself. Since the radio derives it's time from the internet, it is hard to tell. I have since written customer care via email and they have not responded to this issue.

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    The devices come with a timeout,, press the Tune and back button to disable

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    I'm having the same problem but it doesn't seem to matter what device I use. I use my HP desktop, my laptop and my Ipad. All do the same thing, times out after 60 minutes. How do I handle this?