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    Stiletto 2 does not read mp3 tag info

    My Stiletto 2 does not read file tag info from mp3's loaded onto the expandable micro SD card installed in the unit. It reads tag info properly on files loaded in the onboard memory. I would assume this is a design issue oversight, but am wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue or knows how to fix it? Also, does anyone know if there is a firmware upgrade for the Stiletto 2 that addresses this issue?

    The lack of tag support is most troublesome when performing a library search of mp3's. Only the tracks loaded into onboard memory appear under 'artists', 'albums', etc. The only way to search for tracks on the expandable SD card is to find them under 'titles', where they appear as their actual filename. This becomes an unnecessarily time-consuming search when hundreds or thousands of tracks are loaded. Plus, if you perform a search under 'artists', for example, you will see only those tracks loaded to onboard memory and miss all songs loaded to the memory card.

    FYI - my memory card is 8GB and is supported. The mp3's play fine, just do not display tag info.
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    go to the settings, find and do "reset all" or something like that. worked for me.