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    Stiletto 100 poor sound quality


    I have a Stiletto 100 and I have used it with both the FM transmitter, and the vehicle kit that goes directly to your radio via the antenna cable, and both have terrible sound quality when you compare it to regular FM radio, and the volume is very low.

    Is this normal, and do all of the other Sirius radio have this same problem?

    I am considering buying a new unit and I wanted to know if I will get better sound quality with a different unit.



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    You can definitely get a better sound by directly connecting your Sirius receiver via an aux port with rca cables. In addition, a good quality aftermarket car stereo allows you to variably set the audio of the FM, CD, and AUX inputs so you don't get that quiet sound you're describing.

    That said, is the quality of satellite radio as good as CD quality? No. Currently the technology is not that good but, I do think you can get a better quality sound then you are currently receiving.

    Hope this helps.
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