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    stiletto 2 channel surfing

    Hello I'm new here. I have recently bought a stiletto 2 with the car dock. I had the S50 for four years and loved it. Since I switched there's a little few things I am surprised that I don't like about the Stiletto 2 I hope you can answer these questions for me guys....... 1. Is there a button (on the car remote) where you can just channel surf without having to go through the channel guide? 2. Is there a way to get the lettering on the screen larger when channel browsing? I find that they have added the little icon of the channel that takes away space that could be used to make the letter of the artist and song bigger. My friend said there was an option that if an artist came on the radio would warn you and it would switch it to the channel if you desired to do so. Does anyone know how to get to this option? thanks in advance guys.

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    yes there is dontgohoward push the display button on the stilletto2