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    Market Watch 1/18 - 1/31 2010

    Check last week's thread to catch up. I am sorry that we had to end the thread for last week. Actually, there is tons of great information there to continue with and unanswered posts.

    Anyway, here is the new thread for the week.

    Anybody that is reading or lurking in this thread is welcome to post. We are a very peaceful investment team here and we all help each other in any way that we can.

    If this is your first time here...then welcome!

    From the crew that resides within these walls...have fun and help each other learn and hopefully succeed!

    Disclaimer for this thread: Always do your own due diligence (research). None of we people in here are investment advisers or brokers, or anything that resembles a professional when it comes to dealing with stocks. If you have any questions about any stock or anything said in here, check it out with your broker. We are just a bunch of people trying to make some money, just like anyone else. What you do is your sole responsibility and not mine or that of anyone else that posts in here. This is simply a discussion group and nothing more. Stocks are very risky and you could lose all of your money. Seek professional advice before doing anything whatsoever. We are amateurs in here and are wrong most of the time. Do not take any chances with our advice to each other or our self-seeking and self-fulfilling comments.
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    Hey Bill ...

    What's with this taking the day off business around here anyway? There is money to be made you slackers!

    Dr. D - Carried over the tail end of last weeks thread (RE: KATX):

    Geez - why didn't you read up on that one on thursday?!!! LOL.

    That's the pattern I like! EOD thursday woulda been the bomb.

    Now we wait, or get up early and put in a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit, provided it's moving up... otherwise, wait wait wait.
    You know, I asked myself that very question! You hit on my strategy to the T ... My plan is to ... dare I say it ... Sell off some of my long held SIRI and test the waters first thing, (this is part of the failed 'over-core' experiment from many months ago, so I will be still holding the core shares) ... wait it out and see if doesn't retrace, speaking of .... I have to keep telling myself that it will retrace, everything I have ever purchased after any kind of run has done this and if I only would have _______ BUT! That 'what if' it doesn't? Lingers ...

    At any rate, there are some pretty good picks over there on Sheff's board - It's a good group that he has setup on a premium board that seems to keep the rif-raff at bay. Check out his i-box, he has posted his account totals for the past year - Jeff I believe it is, has made a few mentions here about it. Looking at a couple of others they have been tracking and doing good DD on ... EVRM, MMUH and for the non-penny-ish ... NWCI, also I think it's ATX? Haven't checked it out, still playing Barry Bonds here with the copper choppers ...

    I am already ready to dump CSLI and move on at a small loss, but it might be a decent longer term play. Looking forward to QASP naturally, the time has come and I am feeling more and more certain that this is 'real' only by the longevity and maybe osmosis like attributes of absorbing every single angle, opinion ... puzzle piece ... My current mindset is that they just aren't playing the pump and dump deal correctly if it was supposed to be such. Saying that much still doesn't mean that I am no longer paranoid or highly suspicious, it's just ... Cybil-like I guess!

    OK, somebody else's turn to ramble ...

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    01-19-2010, 08:08 AM #3

    I stripped a SIRI chart, no old lines, no indicators, had a fresh look....
    I think we are moving sideways, lol.

    Have been in this forming channel for months now.

    So LT, as soon as you sell some of your shares, we'll get a move.

    PM me when you do it. I have a plan:
    Price breaks out above 0.70, hoorah, hold
    Price breaks down below 0.55, run for cover, or rather cover

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    Actually, on KATX, you can still buy, but you have to have some real-time going on a daily and 5 min chart, see if it opens high, and climbs, or opens high, turns down close to the last candle, then reverses past the open, then can go in. You need tight stops though, so if you aren't the type to stop yourself out, don't listen.

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    01-19-2010, 08:15 AM #5
    It's 4 am, so the likelihood that I'll be up doing the above is highly unlikely.

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    01-19-2010, 08:22 AM #6
    Well, wtf do you know... lookee here:

    Ascending triangle (not perfect)... but a big one, with a perfect fib retrace... looking bullish I tell you!

    My how things change when you strip a chart. lol.

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    01-19-2010, 08:31 AM #7
    If there's a breakout, targets are:

    Channel 0.85
    Ascending triangle 1.00

    Now the tricky part, as I've been saying since April 08, 0.70 is the big resistance, the next big line is 1.08.

    I'd have to check my bank o' charts to see if there is anything else big in between... but on a run that extends past 0.85, I'd say that we'd pop $1, but not surpass $1.08, then of course, head back below, if it's a strong run.

    Take it all with a grain of salt, this is just tea leaf reading.

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    01-19-2010, 04:14 PM #8
    What happened .. ? Did everyone hit it big on the sponges and flee to the Bahamas?

    Dr.D, hope you got some sleep ... Pick up any KATX?

    I'm in @ .0479 ... Got filled as I was desperately trying to change my order lower ... It was almost comical watching it dive at the time, do I have the touch or what?

    SIRI ran the wrong way from .68 ... If you would like to sell higher, I can lower my order to .66, that will give it an automatic boost to .73 or so ... Because I have THE touch ...

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    01-19-2010, 05:02 PM #9
    Hi my friends at Market Watch,

    If everyone took off to the Bahamas they could have at least brought
    their laptops. And while sitting on the beach, please discribe for me what sunshine
    looks like. I just can't remember. I'm starting to relate to
    what a mole must feel like.

    There has just gotta be a better way to spend winters!!

    Hope everyone is doing well. And visit us on the Sirius side of


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    dr d, i got targets of .78 , .88 and 1.08..

    getting to .78 from the current flag formation. heres the chart:

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