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    03-12-2008, 01:26 PM #1

    I believe the MERGER outcome is near

    There is a lot of big talk from NAB, Terrestrial radio, and the guy I love to watch Cramer. Cramer is on them like flies on cow dung.
    I believe we will have a decision by my birthday and end of first quarter, March 31st, any later would just be absolutely ridiculous and voters and citizens need to start calling for FCC chairmans head, for real, because they are just simply not doing their jobs.

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    03-24-2008, 07:15 PM #2

    HORRAYY, we are near the finish line!

    DOJ came to their senses finally and made that ever so long decision, now hopefully the FCC will follow suit THIS WEEK, not 10 weeks down the line, lets close this chapter, and move on to some SIRIUS RADIO!!
    Thumbs up Sirius lovers and stockholders, today was a big WIN!

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    I believe

    The Sun will come out tomorrow.
    I will eventually get tired and go to sleep.
    I will get hungry at some point in time.
    My grass will need to be cut based on my needs.
    Sirius merger will or will not happen sometime in the future.
    Sirius merger will or will not happen sometime after I post this reply.
    I lost many $'s on a stock called Churchill Plastics (CHUR) because it was hyped, hyped and hyped.
    I own many shares of SIRI and at some point hope to make a profit although I currently am $17,000 in the RED.


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    Thumbs up

    From my understanding, this past Friday FCC Chairman Martin mentioned the approval will presented by June 30 and will not be done at the next FCC meeting scheduled for June 12th.
    Patience there has been numerous Consumer Groups voicing their ridiculous claims and will will all be completed soon enough. I'm a long term investor and have been an owner of both Sirius and XM and diverseness. I currently own close to 70,000 of Sirius and 2000 of XM.