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    Cramer speaks again

    Once again, on his Mad Money show, Jim Cramer mentioned the Sirius/XM merger and touted the downfall of the terrestrial radio broadcasters. This is the third time in three weeks that Cramer has had a segment concerning this merger and in my opinion it bodes well for the pro merger side.

    Cramer loves publicity. By mentioning the merger he gets a lot of extra attention because this particular merger has a certain following and mass appeal. The Sirius/XM boards and blogs will once again buzz with Cramer talk and mentions of his Mad Money show.

    In addition, his string of mentions over the last weeks might support the view that the merger decision is nearing.

    Here is the logic: Many people expect that the merger decision will be reached by the end of March, so, in a few weeks. With Cramer leading a pseudo campaign for the merger in the weeks leading up to the decision, he will immediately gain a huge amount of publicity and rerun airplay once a decision is reached. If it should be a positive decision, he will be the most memorable figure associated with the positive outcome. For example, some people will say that Cramer helped get the merger passed. While it is doubtful that he will have a strong impact, most people will assume he did since he started touting the merger right before it was approved. Cause and effect? whatever...

    So this is the basic line of future events. And if we work backwards through the line, we can logically conclude that if Cramer is touting the merger with such vigor, then we can expect a decision soon.

    And, I think a lot of us can agree that Cramer is likely well connected, at least more connected to the Street and the wheels of process than most of us. So if Cramer thinks news is coming, and if he thinks it will be positive, then I at least put the odds in his favor.

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    I agree. The decision must be close, or Cramer would not be touting about the merger, or he would lose audience members annoyed at the constant mention of the Sirius/XM merger. He thinks a decision is near.