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    Stilletto 2 or Ipod touch with Sirius App?

    Looking for help before I buy. I've been reading that the stilletto 2 sucks and to simply get a IPod or Iphone with Sirius App installed. Any suggestions from users of both? I do like the recording ability of the Stilletto 2 and I'm not sure if that's possible with the App.


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    I've used both. Hands down, the apple wins for me. It does not record which sucks, but you can take it with you and listen through Wi-Fi. Its easier to change from my music to satellite radio.......thats when I realize that even though my library has 5000 songs, I still prefer to listen to satellite radio.

    Skydock took less than two minutes for me to hook up. But I have an AUX plug in my car.

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    The Stiletto was an excellent radio but it's time has past. Directed no longer makes radios for Sirius so it is questionable if the Stiletto or it's accessories will be around very long. You can use your iphone/Ipod Touch with the XM Skydock, which is one option. I am not a fan of the Skydock concept since if you don't have your iPhone/Touch with you then you can't listen to XM. I much prefer to have a standard radio for the car (a Starmate 4 in my case) and use the iphone for outside of the car.

    The Iphone is a wonderful multipurpose entertainment device. I use it for Sirius, Slacker and YouTube. I have taken to watching Fox Business Live during lunch and look forward to the day they have a MobiTV or FloTV app.

    The biggest problem with using an iphone is, if you discharge the battery then you are without a phone. You discharge the Stiletto you are only without a radio. I always carry a auxillary battery pack.

    I am not a Howard Stern listener but another issue is that Howard Stern is not available on the iphone app but is available on the Stiletto Stream. Also since Howard Stern requires "Best of Sirius" for XM subscribers and the Sky Dock is XM only, there would be an additional fee for Best of Sirius.
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    stilettp2 or ipod

    my husband has the stilletto 2 and he likes it lot and has know problem with it, i had the i pod and it was diffcult to work.

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    Js apple is know good