I had been somewhat excited about Sirius's new format for Channel 110. Most of you know I was a Court TV Radio fan which was formerly on Channel 110.

What a disappointment! There is nothing thus far that is even remotely "indie" . First of all, I think Sirius had enough political channels. The press release promised a fresh approach, uncensored and unbiased place for everyone to voice their views. Not Happening.

Then they launch a channel with one show! The guy they have launching the channel is mono-toned and has no personality. I became bored 5 minutes into it. I'm not a fan of political radio but, if I were, this guy would be last on my list of a someone I would want to listen to. Who picks talent for programming?

All of you know I'm a Vinnie Politan fan. Why? Because the man is entertaining, intelligent funny and uses more voice inflection in one minute than Silvers does in one hour! They need a good, strong, likable personality that can "wake up America" during the morning commute! Here's my thought:

Sirius needs to look at Politan for the morning drive. Let Vinnie "jump start" the day. He can do that! Then, look for a replacement for Silver. Someone who truly is non-bias if there is such a person. Look at other subjects. After the 2008 presidential election then what Sirius? Then what do you do with all these political stations? We need more fresh innovative talk! Not more politics! Give us something new! Not the same thing only a different day!

Tweak this station before too many more have a chance to listen and never come back.