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    Question Sirius new product question

    I currently have an old startus and am looking at upgrading to something better. I notice that all the new stuff is on the XM network. A few questions:

    Any personal reviews on "Power connect"? Does it work well? Is it worth it?

    Does anyone know if Sirius will have Powerconnect on any new radio's soon? I saw the Startus 6 but wanted something color.

    The best option for me would be the Skydock but this again is on the XM network.

    Am I forced to switch to XM and get the "best of" to get my Howard fix? I hope not.


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    I understand where you are coming from. It does seem odd that all the new stuff came out on XM and only one new radio on Sirius. The power connect is phenomenal as far as a wireless FM transmitter goes. It still isn't the best quality sound but it still does the job. The stratus 6 is a good way to go but if you want full color, I still really like the sportster 5. It does not have the power connect, but if you want superior audio quality, I wouldn't even consider the power connect. Also, the sportster 5 is compatible with all of our stratus stuff.