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    Questions on new radio

    Christmas finally came and I have my Sportster 4 and a SUBX1 Boombox.

    Since I ahve not installed in a vehicle yet I have a few questions. Currently using in the boombox and under menu I have no choice for FM transmitter or Audio Level is this because it's being used in the boom box? Thanks

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    I don't have a boombox but if you go plug your sportster in without the boombox you should get a full list of options under the of which I am sure is the FM transmitter station.

    That being said...hard wire! The sound is far superior.
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    I have both myself thanks to Santa & yes indeed you will have both choices available when you install it into your vehicle, I've concluded that having it hard wired is definitely the way to go! No interference & better quality by far!! If you go this route make sure to disable the FM transmitter & you will not be interferring with other people when you pass by them