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    06-27-2010, 09:41 PM #21
    Was anyone able to figure out where you can purchase, or how to make, an adapter for the factory Sirius antenna on a Dodge vehicle and hook it up to a portable Sirius radio, such as a Sportster 5? If so, please share the information. Thanks!!

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    06-30-2010, 11:17 PM #22

    2009 Ram

    My buddy has a 2009 Ram dually with Sirius. When he mounts his cab over camper , he loses the signal. Does anyone have a fix for this? maybe how to install an aux antenna? He is not even sure where the Sirius module is hidden in the truck.

    Thank You

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    i have an 07 ram and did utilize the factory antenna, i had to trim some of the plastic off of the antenna connector, dodge hid my sat box behind the glovebox, with theglove box removed look up and youll see a metal plate held in by 3 10mm screws on that is the sat box

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyah View Post
    how did you make the cable to use the factory antenna? I have a g37 that has a factory XM antenna and reciever in the trunk. I know you can switch out the reciever to a Sirius unit but you have to run another sirius power antenna replacement. It would be nice if you could just use the XM antenna that is allready on teh roof..
    I have the same problem as Randy's.. I lose signal when I mount my cab over camper.. For a week now, I have been looking for solutions but cannot find one.. Does anyone here incurred the same problem?

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    Has anyone found an adapter to use the factory Sirius sat? or at least a way to use the existing sat antenna? Help me please, I have a 2008 Ram 1500 and I am looking to use the original sat antenna because I am cheap.

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