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    Satellite Cable Integration?

    How does this set-up work? We have satellite tv, so I was thinking o going this route... Not quite sure on how it functions. Do we have to re-run the cables?

    Direct Broadcast Splitter (DBS) Combiner/Splitter Kit

    Model#: 14220 DBS Combiner/splitter

    If you have satellite TV (DirecTV or Dish Network) and an outdoor SIRIUS antenna, this handy combiner/splitter package runs both signals into your house using a single cable, simplifying your installation.

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    My buddy has one of these and you should not have to re-run any wiring as it uses your current SAT TV wires to deliver the signal into your home.

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    I use this system with my Direct TV and Cable TV signals and it works great. Use the splitter on the signal side to combine both on one cable, then use another splitter to separate them on the device side. There's no need to run additional cables. I expect the same to be true using Satellite TV and Satellite radio feeds. Good luck.

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    They work well

    They work well, and there are a few available. Check out TSS Radio. They just got a new set-up in a couple of weeks back.
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    Sounds like this is the way to go. What do I need to get the antenna to then hook into the unit? Or is there a remote antenna base I can use?

    Thanks again for the help; it's strange to be a newbie again!

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    I have one of the new Satellite/Sirius combiner kits from TSS-Radio. I think they have a different kit for the cable TV folks, but it's probably similar.

    It works well and I like the fact they switched to RG-6 connections for everything. I actually have a jack in my wall just for Sirius and then a wire runs from the wall into the RG6 to Sirius converter.

    They also replaced the connection from the Sirius antenna to the outdoor splitter. It, too, uses regular RG-6 cableTV/Sat cables.
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