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    Censorship Concerns

    With the current 30 day suspension Opie and Anthony received for simply doing their jobs how concerned are you guys about the same thing happening at Sirius?

    I mean... XM advertises their service and the channel O & A are on as uncensored and make it known that the channel features explicit content... then suspend their star DJ's for providing exactly that. XM has lost all credibility in my opinion.

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    Worse yet, do you think the Feds will use this as their in to get regulations on sat. radio? If they do we have no one to blame but the PTB at XM for bowing to the PC crowd. If you don't like what's being said, CHANGE THE FREAKIN CHANNEL!

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    O&A got suspended not for what they originally said. All XM asked for was for them to apologize. They were suspended for not taking the apology seriously. O&A has thousands if not tens of thousands of listeners. Stern has millions. Stern is also the biggest name in the business. I'm sure he dictated the terms to Sirius. I doubt that Sirius could take similar actions. Plus, the financial loss would be much, much greater for Sirius if they were able to take such actions. The loss of subscribers would be greater and the loss of ad revenue would be greater. If Sirius were to punish Stern, Stern could turn around and punish Sirius and do far more harm. I just don't see the same thing happening at Sirius. But what I do see is things coming to a head with the FCC. The FCC has to be please with what happened to O&A. Self regulation worked. I don't see self regulation working at Sirius. I think Sirius would have no choice but to stand by Stern no matter what happened.

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    Dont you think XM is setting a bad president by asking them to apologize in the first place? I mean they advertise the channels as uncensored and explicit then tell the guys to apologize???

    As far as the same thing happening to Stern...I totally agree with you, it will never happen. That being said, it could still happen to someone like Bubba. I'm not worried about what might happen to any of the DJ's, what I am worried about is Sirius looking just as bad XM. Essentially XM has admitted that the same headaches people were faced with while listening to FM can still happen right on Satellite radio. It's just plain bad for the industry.

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    O&A have been attention sluts for quite some time. O&A have had to resort to to a duel platform broadcasting to retain listeners. XM's attempt to disassociate themselves with O&A is understandable. I believe that XM has chosen to be viewed as taking the high road in this publicity stunt. Good publicity and bad publicity is still publicity in an effort to keep XM's bobbing head above the water that Sirius seems to be able to walk on.

    I don't think that Sirius would take the same action as the Sirius team has a much better management and communication and legal visability between the likes of Bubba and the powers that be. There is a line that respectfully is not crossed. If that line can be tread as it is today, then I see no problems for Bubba. O&A have no concern for the lines they cross as it pertains to their management and XM was right to expell them.

    Censorship and no respect for the team that you play on are two different issues. I don't see XM's actions as a bell weather for Sirius's controversial content.