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    Stern on Pocket Tunes?

    Can somebody please explain to me how Howard can be heard on the iPhone through Pocket Tunes but not on Sirius' own premium app?

    This just makes zero sense to me. Add Howard to the app!

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    I agree, it doesn't make sense- but it has to do with contractual rights for playback on a cell phone. Pocket Tunes works, really, via the web (you can listen to Sirius/XM by logging into Sirius on the web). Honestly, if Safari only allowed streaming, you could listen to Stern through the web that way (without the app), but Safari doesn't.

    IMO, and its only that, Stern is being silly here. He doesn't want to give up the contractual rights for nothing, and Sirius probably feels like they have paid too much for him as it is. I tend to agree with Sirius. In the end, the contract with Stern, I am guessing, was poorly written and didn't foresee the alternative ways of getting sat. radio.

    If Stern resigns, and I think he will soon, my guess is that this will be taken care of in the new contract. Whenever that happens, even if its prior to the current contract being up, Stern will probably be available on the official app. But they have to resign him first, and from what I have heard, they haven't even started any negotiation yet.