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    stilletto sl100 issue...

    i have had a stilletto sl100 for about 4 years now. Hardly ever put it to use. the power switch thingy is now broke on it. Is this a problem that other people has had with this model? this thing has giving me problems since day 1. What are my options here? Can I take it to a service center? Will sirius fix it and a minimal or no cost to me? Please help...thank you.

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    We have a repair guy that we use, but the stiletto circuit board is too small and tight for him to work on it. We have some refurbished one available on our website here, but I might be able to find you a cheaper one but it may take me a day or two.
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    this seems like it would be an easy fix for a tech guy. its the switch on the left of the unit. seems like something broke off the switch. if i get a new unit don't i have to pay the transfer fee also. I paid outright for a lifeltime subscription. So I think I have to pay 75 dollars if i hook up a new unit. in my eyes i think sirius should step up to the plate and fix this for free. The unit was hardly ever used and always handled with care when I did decide to use it. I beleive it was a manufactures defect and I should have taken it back as soon as I first started having problems with the unit sticking. Any help to get this fixed is muchly appreciated. thank you.