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    Welcome back Eh!!!

    Yes "shit the bed" can be a common expression in the great land of Canada! You know the country with the funny colored money eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxminvestor View Post
    Not sure why it is not moving yet. This looking like a much better quarter than previous 2, why would we get such high up volume on those when they were expected to be bad, especially horrible subs.

    I think it is just weary investors that may just want to finally see the proof instaed of speculating. Either way, I do believe we get closer to .70 going in to next Thursday - volume should start to surge early next week.

    My take.

    Subs will be one of the only metrics that wont be bad in the 3rd quarter as they were in the 1st or 2nd quarter. Almost all the rest of the metrics will be worse though. Reason why is simple, first subs cost to get. we all know that the 1st and 2nd quarters they did not get that many as they have in the 3rd. On top of that they will have the normal (for the 3rd quarter) added cost of all the radios and chipsets/subsidies for the 4th quarter that they pay for in advance. Like I said look at the years prior the 3rd quarter has always been terrible for most of the metrics compared to the rest. The FCF was one of the biggest drags yet it all comes out in the wash in the end because the 4th quarter always makes up for the third quarter. As stated before look at SIRI in 2007, even though the 3rd quarter had a really negitive drag on FCF, the 4th quarter had enough to not only be positive for that quarter but when the extra was take from the 4th quarter to the third it made them positive for FCF for half of the year (3rd and 4th quarter).

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    Nothing like a bad national financial report to screw up a nice positive day for Sirius.

    Til next week......

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    Quote Originally Posted by doclogic View Post
    Nothing like a bad national financial report to screw up a nice positive day for Sirius.

    Til next week......
    Yeah. Every stock on my watch list pretty much took it in the chin after the reports. Too bad, SIRI looked as if it wanted to do something too. Oh well I guess, that's the market for ya.

    Think I'll grab the honey and the metal detector tomorrow and do some coin shooting. If I find a quarter, it'll be more than I made on this stock today.

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    Its been a while...

    I hate to drop in and say I told you so but guess what...I told you so. Yesterday I sent a text to my investing buddy (text because I have a record of my genius) to buy FAZ, and FXP...21.5 and 8.5 respectively and wow what a call! Check it out...hand delivered....12% and 7% in less than 24hrs. He is driving the bitter bus for not listening. All of his long positions are also getting smacked around not to mention his 401k. I think my doom and gloom outlook is starting to get traction. What can I say, the banks are broken and I work for almost all of them. I have seen a surge in foreclosures that is to quite honest, a little bit scary. They are coming in waves of 50-150, no joke, its bad. I have personally gone through the home loan mod programs, both government and with BofA...what a joke! If this is the solution they worked out we are all in trouble. I can go into the detail later if anyone really cares. The readers digest of it is if you have money at the end of the month then you don't need a loan mod, if you are in the red then why should they(bank) modify your loan, because going forward your probably going to default anyway...? WHat? Crazy stuff going on in housing. I modified my home loan from 2400 per month up to 2550 a Sweet move dude! Got to run!

    Good luck all, get to cash, the last six months was a gift, we are still in a bear market rally. As for SIRI, blah blah blah...same old same old, reverse split still looming, not good. I did grab 7500 around .56ish, I think I will add a few before the CC, not excited about it though.

    Big Ben
    My Steelers are starting to come around, eh?

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    my halloween gift to all of you:

    extracted from 24/7 Wall Street site re next week's earnings releases:

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) is on deck for next Thursday. The satellite radio monopoly has recovered tenfold from an absolute low and is up almost 300% from the March 9 close that traders use to mark the end of the bearish death spiral we were in. Estimates are -$0.02 EPS and $608.7 million in revenues, while next quarter estimates are -$0.02 EPS and $628.7 million in revenue. As always, positive cash flow and the comments on the EBITDA will be what many look for. Frankly, we are not overly trusting of the few estimates out there from Thomson Reuters because the sampling is as small as Berkshire Hathaway’s.

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    Merits A Second Look :)

    Besides, Socal is back in town. And he knows I give good weather.

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    Hey Hopeful

    What's going on up there in Victoria. I read where the place is at a standstill over the Olympic relay? Oh and great stock day today.

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    For those that enjoy entertainment. Please read SRK's post to Tyler's Miley Cirus article. A classic to be sure.

    And for continued entertainment. Please follow the Steve O. Posts. Wow!

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    Just helped the bottom line

    Well, I just helped SIRI's bottom line, by converting my new cars (clunker deal) 3 month trial (expiring 11/4) to a 1 year XM Everything subscription! I might even dive back into the stock again this week, knowing that I may be the one that pushed them into positive territory!!

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