I want to preface this with the fact that I am a long term multiiple subscription Sirius Customer (and Shareholder). I am also a Slacker Plus customer.

When I first started seeing Pandora (and Netflix) support on Blu-ray players I thought that it was a great idea. This integrates online music into the home entertainmant system. I had hoped that Sirius would get integrated into one of the Blu-ray players or a Roku like device. I see that Slacker is now available on Sony Blu-Ray players. That's great for me as a Slacker customer but not as a Sirius shareholder.

Sirius has made some progress on internet offering. The iPhone/Ipod Touch app was a good start. They have created a stand alone internet radio and they have integrated service into a few internet radios. I still feel they are not taking the internet part of their business serious enough.

Disclosure: Long Sirius, Sony No Position: Apple